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Six scenarios: What… 4 + 1 teams need

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Six scenarios: What… 4 + 1 teams need

It is slowly clearing the scene for the six.

The victories achieved by APOEL against PAEEK on Wednesday and Anorthosis against Aris on Thursday, further reduced the chances of Omonia to catch the train, while AEL (which is… +1 in our title), has mathematical probabilities, but not realistic as the defeat by Apollo knocked her out.

Starting from the eighth AEL , the only scenario that sends it six is to win all three games (with Doxa, PAEEK, AEK), Paphos to get up to a point (with Ethnikos, Doxa, Aris) and Omonia also up to one point (with Aris, APOEL). It is noted that AEL excels in the tie with Paphos, but not with Omonia.

From there on, the seventh Omonia , if it wins its games with Aris and APOEL, will need either Paphos not to get five points (with Ethnikos, Doxa, Aris), or Anorthosis not to get three points (with Olympiakos, APOEL, Apollon), either APOEL not to get a point in its other two games (with AEK, Anorthosis) or if it gets one, to beat it with a score better than 4-2. There are scenarios that put Omonia six without two victories, but as it is understood, they are not very realistic.

As it appears from the above, the teams that are now in the top six, need in the worst case scenario for them (ie Omonia to make two victories), Paphos five points, Anorthosis three points and APOEL two (or one and not to lose with a score worse than 4-2 from Omonia), with all these teams having three games ahead of them.

The rating:

1. Apollo 44 (20)
2. AEK 36 (20)
3. Mars 35 (20)
4. APOEL 33 (19)
5. Correction 31 (19)
6. Paphos 29 (19)
7. Omonia 28 (20)
8. AEL 21 (19)
9. Olympiacos 18 (19)
10. Glory 18 (19)
11. PAEK 13 (18)
12. National 12 (20)

The program until the end:

21st match
National – Paphos (13/02, 19:00)
Anorthosis – Olympiacos (14/02, 18:00)
APOEL – AEK (14/02, 20:15)
AEL – Doxa (15/02, 17:00)
PAEEK – Apollon (15/02, 19:00)
Aris – Omonia (16/02, 18:00)

Postponement of the 16th match day
APOEL – Anorthosis (17/02, 18:00)
Doxa – Paphos (18/02, 17:00)
AEL – PAEEK (18/02, 19:00)

22nd match
Paphos – Mars
Apollo – Anorthosis
Omonia – APOEL
Doxa – PAEEK
Olympiacos – National

Postponement of the 20th race
Olympiacos – PAEEK

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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