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Sklavenitis Cyprus offers a 14th salary enhancing its benefits to its people

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Recognizing their daily effort to offer value to the customer and maximize their shopping experience, Sklavenitis Cyprus announces the start of the 14th salary payment to its staff. Sklavenitis' move to reward its staff with this additional benefit ranks it among the few companies that provide this benefit while becoming the only supermarket chain in Cyprus that offers this. As we are informed, the cost of this allowance for the company amounts to a total of 2 million euros.

The Sklavenitis supermarkets implement an efficient benefits program that applies without exception to the 1550 employees. In addition to the 14th salary, among the benefits offered by the company is the concession of ATA (Automatic Price Adjustment) which amounts to 11.17% based on the signed contract of each employee. ATA's concession is also part of the benefits and benefits that go beyond its binding work obligations.

At the same time, the company implements a group Life and Health Insurance program for all employees who wish to join it, while employees in Sklavenitis can participate in the Provident Fund with a contribution from the employer. In addition to the above, it provides throughout the year to all its employees, a fixed discount for purchases of consumer goods from its stores as well as for floor items, while it provides a maternity allowance with a certain amount for all employees. Additionally, on the occasion of Easter and Christmas, the company provides each of its employees with gift vouchers worth €100 to ensure everything they need for their festive tables.

In order to satisfy its employees, which has an impact on the better service of the consumer, by granting the 14th salary, Sclavenitis supports its staff by adding yet another substantial provision to its staff.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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