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Stavros Drakoularakos: A vision for a cigarette-free Cyprus

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On the occasion of the inauguration event of the new offices of Philip Morris Cyprus, on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, which was a milestone day for the company, it was presented before the President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis, and a number of distinguished guests, the vision for a cigarette-free Cyprus.

The commitment of Philip Morris Cyprus to further accelerate efforts to transition to a tobacco-free Cyprus was mentioned by the company's General Manager, Mr. Stavros Drakoularakos, in his speech, in which, among other things, he stated that “Cyprus , can lead the transition to a tobacco-free world and become the first European country to do so.” Significant progress is already being made on Philip Morris Cyprus' vision, he added, as 55,000 Cypriots have already made the switch.

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Mr. Drakularakos also referred to the challenges and the difficult task of achieving the company's goal, with the illegal trade, preventing young people from accessing it and the lack of correct information. However, the effort to inform the world continues, making great progress.

An important part for Philip Morris Cyprus is played by its people. 50% of the company's workforce are women, including management positions. Additionally, the company has received its 2nd consecutive certification as an “employer of choice” from Great Place to Work. And in the area of ​​its people, the company is making great progress.

However, all this would not be possible if they were not under the auspices of the parent company Philip Morris International/Papastratos S.A., and the strategy for sustainable business practices regarding the products, the way of working, the way of operation, the footprint on the environment, the contribution to the economy and the role in society.

With a vision to make Cyprus the first “smoke-free » country in Europe.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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