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Stefanou: “Only AKEL stands consistently against ELAM”

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From the pervolia and the opening ceremony of the “Ilias Tofari” square, who was murdered in 1958 by masked men, AKEL's GG Stefanos, launched on Sunday a fierce attack against DISY, accusing it of the tolerance it showed and is showing, as he said, against the far-right ELAM.

“Only AKEL consistently stands against the far-right ELAM. Only AKEL, from the beginning of the appearance of the far-right formation, warned about the dangers. Unfortunately, however, when AKEL did this, other political forces and the media criticized us and accused us of putting ourselves at risk,” said Stefanos Stefanou, who continued to note how when AKEL called the other political forces together to isolate ELAM some of them cooperated, traded and made deals for presidential favors with him.

“The world is well aware of who is against ELAM and who now remembered to stand against him because they are losing votes. This is why the pre-election efforts of some to identify AKEL with ELAM fall on deaf ears. I'm talking about pre-election efforts because, I'm sure, post-elections will start again with the extreme right. After all, this is what the right is doing in Europe”, he argued, with clear points against the DISY president and her recent speech during the presentation of the party's political manifesto. “It collaborates, supports and participates in governments with the extreme right. Even the candidate of the EPP for the presidency of the Commission – of the political family of DISY- Ursula von der Leyen states that she has no problem cooperating with the far-right political group”, Stefanos Stefanou added.< /p>

He went on to say that this is why those who want consistency and determination in the fight against the extreme right know that they must support AKEL – Left – Social Alliance in the upcoming elections. “This political act – because voting is a political act – is the best memorial to Ilias Tofaris who fell victim to fascism. Voting for AKEL is the best memorial to all those unjustly murderedby the masked men of Griva, but also to all those who fell resisting the fascism of EOKA B' and the coup plotters in 1974″, he concluded. 

Source: www.philenews.com

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