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Tatar insists on the equal and sovereign regime of the T / C

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Tatar insists on the equal and sovereign regime of the T / C

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No proposal for MOE has been conveyed to them and there is no question of seeing such measures “warmly”, said Ersin Tatar, when asked to comment on the publications and statements of President Anastasiadis for his proposal regarding confidence-building measures.

The Turkish leader, speaking this morning on a “Bayrak” show, while in isolation as he tested positive for Covid 19, reiterated the proposal he had tabled last April in Geneva, saying that without accepting the equal and sovereign status of the T / k no answers can be given to questions that affect the substance of the problem.

The proposal (of the President of the Republic) “first to give Varosi and then to hand over Erjian to the UN”, as mentioned at the illegal airport in occupied Tympos, has been made according to Mr. Tatar, to show that the Republic of Cyprus is a senior administration and reduce the status of the “tdbk”, as referred to the pseudo-state, saying that “it is not possible to jeopardize the rights deriving from the 1960 Agreements”.

The representatives in the Technical Committees for health, environment and energy, he added, are in contact while for the EU he said “they understand us very well. They say, however, that we must agree with the Greek Cypriot side. “They (the Greek Cypriots) are strong because of the Republic of 1960. The other side, which sees Cyprus as a Greek island, said no to the Annan plan, but again they succeeded and joined the EU.”

The Greek Cypriots, he said, see themselves as superior to the Turkish Cypriots, have the EU on their side and continue their well-known stance in the eastern Mediterranean.

For Turkey, Ersin Tatar said she is a guarantor and has her own rights in Cyprus. “It's not just us here. We are in a geostrategic and international region “.

To his foreign interlocutors, he continued, he always says about the rights of the Turkish Cypriots that derive from history, he emphasizes the importance of international agreements and sovereign equality and that for the Greek Cypriot side the solution is for the island to remain its own. “A solution on the island can only be possible on the basis of the equality of the Turkish people and with the institutional cooperation of the two states. We can not take a step back from that. “We have the support of Turkey.”

Regarding the Turkish Cypriots' relations with Turkey, he said that “never before has there been such a harmonious cooperation”.

The militarization and armaments of the Greek Cypriots, he continued, are not going to force Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots to relinquish their rights and are not going to have any other influence than to increase the tension in the region, saying that he would like to see how far the e / k side wants to reach this intensity.

In Cyprus, he argued, there are two separate states and it is not possible for the “north” to unite in the “south”, nor are they going to play the game – in his expression – of their secession from Turkey, the abolition of Turkey's guarantee rights and withdrawal of the Turkish army.

Referring to Rauf Denktash's motto “my state – my sovereignty”, Ersin Tatar said that “the concession of Varos to the Greek Cypriot administration is a concession of our sovereignty”. We must safeguard this position until the end and “we must work every day to contribute to our economy with the support of the motherland”.

He claimed that the opening of Varosi had been accepted by the “people” and said that they had given responsibility to the “real estate committee” for handing over to the old owners of the properties located there.

“Nothing will be done with lawlessness. For this reason is the reaction of the e / k side. This policy will continue. The Greek Cypriots come and see (Varosi) “. “This policy, the improvement of infrastructure and the opening of the region to humanity, is the right policy and will continue,” Tatar said.

Source: www.philenews.com

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