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The 5 zodiac combinations that are a complete failure

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The 5 zodiac combinations that are a complete failure

He will yawn a lot …

When you go out on a date with someone you expect a spark, a passion, an attraction βρε Find something bro that makes you want to see this person again. In the five zodiac pairs that we will mention below, the sweet will not tie. Failure is guaranteed. Bo's better νε Go for more. Even if you try it and give it a chance, you will see that from the first date you will either fall asleep or you will wonder what you are doing with him / her and why you are wasting your time…


At first you will think that as Earth signs, they logically fit. But when we talk about love, these two do not have it. They are two worlds different or sometimes so similar that it does not “tie the sweet”. The … drying up and the competition in the middle comes in. The result will be strange. Cold and “tasteless”. Better to stay friends (or partners) because for lovers… no. Map the watermelon.

Aries – TAURUS

Failure to think about it. Aries does not put a baby down and Taurus does not move it from his couch. The tongue of one goes pink and wants to live life in red and the other until he raises one foot, stinks the other. Thank you next is a standard on both sides. If they ever went out together, at least let them choose good food or drink, to enjoy something from the evening.


We honestly do not want to even think about it. Ή probably not… We would like to be from a corner to see this couple on a date. Will Gemini run fast enough so that the “shrapnel” does not take him? How much medicine will Scorpio drip? This appointment is not just a failure. It is also dangerous for the mental health of both.

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They are both big hearts, we do not say… But they emit at completely different wavelengths. Leo wants the big life, clubbing and fun and Cancer wants series, food and a couch. First of all, if they manage to reach an agreement even for the first date, we will talk about an achievement! And tell Cancer to make the retreat, for how long will he endure Leo? Bet… not one. It will look for the emergency exit. And Leo on his part will be incredibly bored and will yawn …


The fact that they are air signs says nothing. Aquarius is too steep and distant for Libra. They may both talk a lot, but their views on various issues and in life in general are as different as day and night. They will not fight – because Libra never fights and will just say “yes” to everything until the martyrdom is over – but the night will be a failure and none of them will want to repeat it.

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