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The Committee on Finance discussed a proposal for a law to lift the ban on filling vacancies

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A bill to remove the ban on filling vacancies in both the public and wider public sectors was debated at the beginning of Monday by the Parliamentary Committee on Finance with trade unions demanding that the bill fill all positions.

The bill was tabled by Haris Georgiadis, Onoufrios Koullas and Savia Orfanidou, on behalf of the Democratic Alarm parliamentary group, and Christiana Erotokritou and Chrysis Pantelidis, on behalf of the Democratic Party parliamentary group.


He also mentioned that in 2017 there was a differentiation of this regulation and the control procedure for recruitments (first appointment positions) remained indefinite and it was considered that this process does not need to be done for promotion positions and added that the Parliament introduced a regulation “reserving for the very right to approve the promotion positions “.

Mr. Georgiadis said that this regulation” does not serve a specific purpose “and is” an unnecessary bureaucracy ” and added that “the bill is strictly and clearly limited to promotions”.

“DISY's position is that we would not agree in any way to the abolition of the control process for recruitment”, he stated and added that if the control process for recruitment was abolished today, “in 2022, which is also a pre-election period, there would be a few thousand recruitments in all the vacancies on the admissions scale. “

A representative of the Ministry of Finance stated that the Ministry of Finance does not agree with the individual treatment of the issue, noting that it should include all positions and not only promotion positions.

“It has not it makes sense to defrost only promotion positions “, he added.

EDY and the Education Service agreed with the proposal, while the trade unions demanded that the bill cover all positions and not only the promotion positions and called on the deputies to respect the agreement they made on April 28, 2022 with the Minister of Finance for complete abolition of de-icing procedures, as was the case until 2013 in the public and wider public sector.

They also mentioned that there is the process of approving the budgets of each organization through which the filling of positions is approved and added that with the need that exists today to pass again the approval of the filling of positions which were initially approved through the budget of each organization or service, there is a long delay with the result that organizations resort to the market of services.

In statements after the meeting, the Chairman of the Finance Committee Christiana Erotokritou said that the draft law excludes from the process of their approval by the Finance Committee “the promotion positions as they are immature positions that are needed for the smooth operation of the departments”.

“Promotions should be able to be filled more easily and quickly without bureaucratic procedures,” he said, adding that any passage of the bill would help the public service function more quickly and efficiently and relieve the Finance Committee of its responsibilities. must now perform wasting valuable time and resources that could be used for other purposes. “

DISY MP Onoufrios Koullas expressed DISY's satisfaction that the bill “receives a wider support” and added that this process only adds delays and bureaucracy.

Regarding the reports on the complete lifting of the control over the recruitments in the public sector, Mr. Koullas expressed the “disagreement and the deep concern” of DISY and added that “the control of the fiscal policy is essentially lost and we can go back to the old ones. that is, the uncontrolled expansion of the public sector and the benefits that have been gained over the last ten years by reducing and holding back public sector employment to be lost. “

AKEL MP Andreas Kafkalias said that the discussion on the procedure followed when filling vacancies has been properly opened and added that “the existing legislation that stipulates that the competent authority submits a request directly to the Finance Committee should be re-evaluated because we do not consider The process will work effectively the way it does today. “

He said that AKEL will study the draft law and will submit its final position at the next meeting of the Commission. p>

Regarding the agreement reached by the Ministry of Finance with the social partners for the complete lifting of any restrictions for all positions, Mr. Kafkalias said that it is taken into account by AKEL and will be examined on the basis of criteria related to effective operation. of public service, the formulation of more efficient procedures and the protection of labor rights in combination with the purchase of services which in practice has proved to be the popular, as he said, “choice of the Government to cover the permanent needs of the public”.

DIPA MP Alekos Tryfonidis said that the bill is in the right direction and added that DIPA would like “the framework agreement made by the Minister of Finance with the trade unions of both the public and the wider public sector to come to Parliament. with a relevant bill that covers both the first appointment positions and all the recruitments “.

” We consider it imperative that the control of the first appointment positions be done substantially and catalytically through its budget “Every ministry and every semi-governmental organization before it comes to a vote in Parliament,” he added.

because they do not have the necessary infrastructure to control the course of the democrats and operate to the detriment of these important pillars of the economy. who at the same time operate in a serious competitive environment and must operate with swift moves to face the competition “.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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