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The decisions of the Central Committee of AKEL for Presidential

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The decisions of the Central Committee of AKEL for Presidential


The Plenary Session of the Central Committee of AKEL met today, which discussed the issue of the Presidential Elections.

In a statement, the Left party states that “the goal is a change in the governance of the country. In his introductory speech, the General Secretary of K.E. of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou outlined the political landscape in which the Presidential Elections will take place and presented the political framework for the next steps of the Party. Through the long and creative discussion that took place, the political framework and the roadmap for the program priorities, the goal for collaborations and the process that will be followed were unanimously approved.

Universal assessment of K.E. is that change in governance is more urgent than ever. Cyprus can not stand the continuation of the Anastasiadis government, either with Averof Neophytou or Nikos Christodoulidis. Alarm delivers a society more unequal and unjust than ever. A state with institutions collapsed and the rule of law more eroded than ever. A country stuck in many impasses. And a Cyprus closer to division than ever.

The crucial stake is whether the country will continue to slide along this path or whether it will become a new beginning for our country. A new beginning that will reverse the disastrous course in the Cyprus issue. It will restore the rule of law and democracy in the country. It will rid Cyprus of its predator economy, it will propose a program that prioritizes the labor and social rights of our people, education, health, the green transition and the digital transformation. AKEL and the Left will continue to be at the forefront of this new beginning.

At the same time, AKEL is ready for cooperation of authorities with other political forces that share the goal of change in government and a new progressive course of our country. Our assessment is that within the Cypriot society there is already a majority in favor of change. Opposition forces have a duty to respond to this demand.

The Central Committee authorized the Party leadership to consult with the opposition parties and to explore the possibility of collaborations based on convergences on the key issues that determine the course of the place and the people.

In the coming weeks, AKEL will enter into a broad dialogue with the thousands of members of the Party, with friends and competitors from the wider Left and the New Forces. The result of this dialogue as well as the consultations with the other opposition parties will be the subject of the next session of the CoE. which will determine the final steps for decision making.

The hope of the Cypriot people for a new beginning in the country can and must become a reality. With optimism and a sense of responsibility, AKEL responds present. For progressive change. For Cyprus. For the people “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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