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The granting of AMKA to Cypriot students in Greece is implemented

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    ΥλοποιεΙται η ;αραχόρηση ΑΜΚΑ στους Κyπριους &phi ;οιτητες στην Ελλαδα

    The President of DISY met with Ministers of Health and Tourism and students in Athens – Annita solves a perennial request of Cypriot students

    The President of the Democratic Alarm Annita Dimitriou is in Athens where she met with the Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis, the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogiannis and participated in an open discussion with students of Protoporia.

    According to a DISY press release, the focus of the meeting with Mr. Georgiadis was the intensification of efforts for Cypriot students to gain access to inpatient and medical care in Greece, while at the same time it was established that the request for the granting of a driver's license is in the process of being implemented .

    Mrs. Dimitriou noted the importance of the issue both for the students and for their families who are far away and are worried while she thanked Mr. Georgiadis for the will he has shown to achieve positive developments around the issue which was also a request of the students . With Mr. Georgiadis, issues related to coordination and cooperation regarding the upcoming European elections were additionally discussed.

    In the meeting with the Minister of Tourism, Olga Kefalogianni, the challenges faced by the tourism sector in both Cyprus and Greece due to the conflicts in the region and the wider geopolitical turmoil were discussed at length. What was jointly pointed out was the need for drawing up a long-term tourism strategy, which would ensure the sustainable development and resilience of the tourism industry, through and through the continuous upgrading of the tourism product.

    It is also noted that Ms. Dimitriou participated in an open discussion with the students of the Protoporia student faction, where all the issues that concern young people today were raised in a spirit of constructive exchange of views. noted, among other things, the voice of each and every student is a vehicle for the promotion of rights and ideas and for the safeguarding of democratic values ​​that are threatened by unrestrained populism, it states.

    Toward the achievement of these goals , and putting forward the position that students reflect the footprint of Cyprus abroad and therefore their voice should be heard loud and clear in Europe, Mrs. Dimitriou called on young women and men to register in the electoral registers in order to strengthen their voice of Cyprus.

    Finally, Mrs. Dimitriou will attend on Friday evening a conference organized by DISY Greece.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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