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The leading network in Cyprus continues to be awarded

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The leading network in Cyprus continues to be awarded

In today 's difficult times, where distance communication is more useful than ever, it is the networks that play the leading role. Those who have access to a reliable mobile network can feel comfortable and confident that they can enjoy seamless communication whenever they want.

Telecommunications during the pandemic are being tested extensively, internationally. There is no need to look at the data published by providers worldwide that show how intense the traffic on the networks was. Especially the days of confinement were the ultimate crash test for the capabilities of the networks.

Reliability, speed and stability are concepts that many companies promise to consumers, but few are able to deliver. Few people responded to the data brought by the pandemic and for this effort they were rewarded.

Epic customers feel justified in “cashing out” the company's substantial investments in its network – a multi-million euro program that has borne fruit and international recognition. It is no coincidence that Epic has received four awards from international measurement organizations in seven months.

2021 started with the emergence of Epic as the “Fastest Mobile Network in Cyprus”. For the second time in a row, Epic receives this award from the international measuring organization Ookla®, proving that it is established at the top of telecommunications in Cyprus.

Epic's network not only regained the highest score compared to competitors but managed to increase this difference, recording the highest speeds in all provinces. According to the new results of Speedtest®, Ookla once again ranked Epic as the “Fastest Mobile Network in Cyprus” for the period from 1 July to 31 December 2020, recording an increase in all categories rated to award prizes.

Epic, at the same time, received two awards from the independent international measurement and control company umlaut, as the best mobile network in Cyprus, while in between came the first recognition by Ookla in June 2020.

Epic has successfully responded to the increased traffic and multiple needs that have arisen in the test that, to date, the world is going through. Consumers can be sure that Epic's network is the fastest, most reliable and fastest in the Cypriot market.

Source: www.philenews.com

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