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The President announced housing plans for young couples

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This is a pre-election commitment of his, which will be implemented in the near future

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The announcement of specific plans to encourage young couples to build their homes in our communities is expected soon, the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, said today, adding that this is a pre-election commitment of his, which will implemented in the immediate future.

In his greeting at an event for the recording of the traditional song “Arodafnousa” as part of UNESCO's cultural heritage, in Houlo, Paphos, President Christodoulidis also said that the executive power is awaiting a specific proposal to establish a cultural heritage museum in the community.< /p>

President Christodoulidis stated that his presence at the event is a realization of his pre-election commitment, while he thanked for the high percentage he received from the community of Houlu during the presidential elections.

He said that he is particularly moved to be in Choulo, in the village from which I have some of my best childhood experiences and where his father was born, noting his strong ties to this community where his grandfather and grandmother Savvas and Anna are buried.

He congratulated the community leader for the event, noting that Sokratis Terpizis, also originally from Houlu, plays a decisive role. She also thanked the writer, researcher and historian Nasa Patapiou, who, as she mentioned throughout her work, has highlighted the importance of community,

“And I would like Mr. Patapiou, after working with the President of the Community, with the President of the Cultural Association, let me tell you that we expect a specific proposal as an executive power, so that we can establish a cultural heritage museum in the community, highlighting what we will see today”, he said.

“There should be a space here where this importance of the community, but also of the neighboring communities, will be permanently highlighted, especially within the framework of the Local Government reform, and it is also an appeal to you”, he added.

He also said that during the election campaign one of the most important problems that had emerged was the difficulties faced by young people, due to the economic data, to be able to buy their house, to build their residence in the cities.

“And we cannot talk about urbanism when we are in a community that is about 20 minutes from Paphos”, noted the President of the Republic.

“So, precisely in order to deal effectively and not through words, through statements, this problem, which, especially today, considering the difficulties faced by our young people, is high on the priorities of our Government, is expected soon, with your own contribution and always in collaboration with the Minister of the Interior, to announce specific plans to encourage young couples to build their homes in our communities”, he noted.

He added that this is a pre-election commitment which in the immediate future it will be implemented.

“Mr. Patapiou, we rely on your scientific support, we expect a specific proposal as the executive power, so that we can respond so that there is a permanent cultural space here, where the History of the community, as well as the neighboring villages, will be highlighted”, concluded the President Christodoulidis.

The event in the village of Arodafnousa in Choulo with the presentation of the Musical Theater Performance “Arodafnousa” was organized by the Community Council of Choulo and the Cultural Association “O Rigas” and was organized on the occasion of the recording of the traditional song “Arodafnousa” as Unesco cultural heritage.

It was attended by actors, singers, storytellers, orchestra and choir, from the children of the Music School of Pafos. The president of the Cultural Association “o Rigas” Christodoulos Christodoulou and the President of the CS Choulo Petros Neofitidis addressed a greeting, while Dr. Nasa Patapiou, writer, researcher and historian, referred to the long history of Choulo and the legend of Arodafnousa.

In her speech, Mrs. Patapiou, who comes from Houlou, mentioned that in 1367 the most brilliant and glorious King of Cyprus, the Riga of the East and King of the West as sung by the Cypriot folk muse, was departing from the port of Paphos for Europe with the aim of organizing a new crusade for the liberation of the Holy Land.

This famous scion of the Lusignian house, he continued, was irrevocably linked to Hulu since, according to the chronicler Leontius Machira, he had a mistress the wife of the Feudarch of Houlos whom the people of Cyprus christened Arodaphnousa.

Today, he added, “Houlou welcomes the 8th PtD Nikos Christodoulidis who has a direct relationship with the community since he is descended from this community with its rich history, myths and legends and above all the legend of Arodafnousa who here in the land of our ancestors is a living tradition”.

In addition, Dr. Patapiou stated that Arodafnousa is an indisputable part of the cultural heritage of the whole of Cyprus, but particularly and primarily of Houlu, since it is still sung and recited at festivals, exists in the stories and traditions of the community's residents and is transmitted from generation to generation and thus the perception of continuity is cultivated.

In addition, the residents of the community connect and identify, as he said, the entire narration and narration of the hymn of Arodafnousa and also the heroine herself with the ruins of the village with wall paintings and traditions. All of us who come from Houlu, he said, feel proud of the heroine of this exquisite folk song associated with the village and also of Peter I of Lusignan, the most powerful personality of the Frankish royal house of Lusignan who ruled here for more than three centuries.

According to Stella Miltiadou and Timotheos Mavrellis, who submitted the application to the Cyprus National Unesco Committee in collaboration with KS Choulo and other bodies, the folk song of Arodafnousa is sung at events, festivals and weddings and is recorded in various variations by Cypriots or other researchers and is found throughout the Cypriot area. Khulu, they said, is the main community in which the song in question is found and its presence remains alive to this day, however this folk song is also found and sung in other communities such as Koilani, Letymbu, Koili, Tsada, Lemona, the Diocese of Paphos and Kallepia.

They reported that according to the folk song, Rigaina, who was identified with Queen Eleonora, is informed by her slaves of Riga's relationship with Arodafnousa whom she invites to the palace for clarification. Arodafnousa is surprised at the invitation, but she dresses nicely and makes insulting references to the queen.

They explained that at this point the narrative varies from variant to variant, but in all the ones we know, Rigana kills Arodafnousa and Rigas, who had heard her heartbreaking cries, runs to save her, but arrives too late. Finally, according to the legend, Rigas kills Rigaina or, according to another version, locks her in the stable or kills himself with his knife, first she kills Rigaina and then he is killed too.

The President of KS Choulou Petros Neofitidis said that from the presence of President Christodoulidis, they draw strength to continue working for the upgrade of their region. Knowing, he said, “the feelings of love that you have for the small rural communities, we rely very much on your help, and on the help of the State to be able to keep us alive”.

The musical theater performance was directed and scored curated by Sokratis Terpizis, costumes, set design by Anastasia Chrysostomou, set design, scenery and poster design by Susan Vargas Stefanis.

The event included traditional Cypriot songs under the direction of Sokratis Terpizis. The program was coordinated by assistant professor Stella Miltiadou Secretary of the “Rigas” Cultural Association.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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