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Apollo: His most expensive asset

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The main features that increase his football value

Απoλλων: Το πιο ακριβo περιο υσιακτου στοιχεiο

A few years ago he was the target of several fans of his team. Today, however, things are completely different for Ioannis Pitta, because the appearances of the last three years have raised him in the eyes not only of Apollo's friends… but in general. After all, we are talking about the second scorer in the Cypriot league, but also about a forward who scores double-digit goals for the third consecutive season!

Of course, he doesn't stop at the numbers (16 goals and four assists this year), as he makes sure that he is one of the most valuable players of the “blue and white” for other reasons as well. We consider the main one to be the many assists he provides in every match, since he doesn't stop running, contributing significantly both to the defensive function and to the offensive development.

So all of the above, combined with his age (26), but also the fact that he has a contract until May 2025… makes him probably the most expensive asset that the Limassol team currently has! We highlight the contract (eg Ward's ends in May) and his age, as when it comes to a player's market value there are quite a few to consider.

In this case, we are not referring just a very quality forward who is in terrific form, but also an international footballer who has many more years of football ahead of him… and who is committed to the club that brought him up for two more seasons.

For example, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Valentin Roberge and Isra Kohl are also very consistent this year from the beginning of the season. The difference with them lies both in their position (it's always different when you talk about a striker), but also in their ages, with all of them being older than the Cypriot ace.

All of the above stands for that if any club decides to move for Pitta (we have read a lot from time to time) they should be prepared to meet the financial demands of the Apollo people, who for their part may take very seriously all that we have mentioned above above…

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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