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The right of inheritance will be acquired by the users of t/c properties – The new proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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A new proposal for a holistic modernization of the management of Turkish Cypriot assets, whose value is currently estimated at € 6.1 billion, was presented on Friday to the Advisory Committee for the Management of these assets, the Ministry of Interior to “correct distortions but also to feel it is safe for the beneficiaries to invest in the assets granted to them “. The Cypriot taxpayer is required to pay an amount of € 8 million each year as a deficit in the management of the Guardian, said the Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris, while he stated that this deficit should be covered by the rational management of the banks. property.

After his meeting with the Turkish Cypriot Property Management Advisory Committee, Mr. Nouris said in statements that he considers this proposal, “a new, very important reform, for what the Guardian manages, the T/C Property Management Service of the Ministry of Interior ».

The proposal, he said, indicates, among other things, the weaknesses and distortions that are currently being observed, and includes the introduction of new criteria and procedures for the disposal of these properties “always in favor of refugees”.

The Minister also said that the proposal includes the introduction of criteria and scoring mechanisms in order to properly allocate the houses, the agricultural clergy and the professional estates, in a way that the Guardian of the T/C properties will become, among other things, financially. sustainable, something that is not happening today. This means that the Guardian will be able to cover the deficits that occur.

Still, with this proposal, additional rights are given to refugees in order to be motivated to invest in the properties given to them, such as the granting of the right of inheritance or sublease, he said.

On the other hand, he added, the Guardian undertakes additional obligations towards the tenants, such as the improvement of the infrastructure in matters of static adequacy so that the buildings, once they are given to the tenants, can be better utilized.

“The purpose and goal is, as I have said, the liberation of the state, of the Guardian, from the current problematic and not at all rational processes that exist and that for years we simply discuss and we are pointing the finger without any holistic attempt to correct the intervention “said Mr. Nouris.

Asked about the benefits that citizens will have with these changes, the Minister replied that “today there are many distortions” and this lies in the fact that paradoxes are presented, giving as an example the case of a person who owns 49,000 sq.m. . t/k land and pays a rent of € 28 per year.

He said that these distortions are not only unacceptable, but create two serious problems and “deprive us of the right to give the real beneficiaries what they really deserve”. As he stated, the distortions deprive the Guardian of income, explaining that the state is not an entrepreneur in order to be able to say that it should benefit from this process, “but today the Cypriot taxpayer cannot be called upon to pay an amount every year. of the order of € 8 million as a deficit in the management of the Guardian “. This deficit, he added, should be covered by the rational management of assets.

The second problem, he said, is that too many of the beneficiaries who now own property feel insecure, because they feel they may not be given the right to continue to have renting the property either due to their age or other reasons.

“So we give the possibility through the modification and specific differences in the right on the one hand and the inheritance” but “also the right of sublease”. In this specific way “it will gain value and these people will be motivated to invest in this value” said Mr. Nouris.

He added that many estates today are completely unsuitable and are in a very bad condition, because very simply the tenants do not invest the slightest because they feel exactly this insecurity.

He also stressed that the Guardian, by law, is the guardian of the management of Turkish Cypriot property, which the Turkish Cypriots have rights, “and we are legally mandated to ensure the rights of the owners who are called Turkish Cypriots.”

“So whatever arrangements we have introduced, we consider that we are balancing on this very difficult line in an effort to serve both purpose,” he said.

According to information, the value of Turkish Cypriot assets in the free zones amounts to € 6.1 billion, with rent receipts reaching only € 5 million per year, while the accumulated, uncollected rents reached € 8.3 million. In total, the revenues from the management of T/C assets are € 16 million per year but this amount also includes over € 7 million from the national budget that are added to cover the deficits, in order to have a balance sheet after the annual costs are about € 15.3 million

Asked whether there were cases of Turkish Cypriots who have claimed back their property, the Minister said that there are many such cases, and that “this is also a parameter that concerns our refugee world towards the which have been granted under the management of T/C properties “.

He pointed out, however, that specific criteria have been introduced by the Republic of Cyprus, the most important of which concerns issues of either claim, and much more on the issue of the Turkish Cypriot right to sell his property, which, as he said, is also a parameter that has recently been on the rise.

He said that once it is established that the Turkish Cypriot applicant is the owner of Greek Cypriot property in the occupied in free areas.

“This is a safeguard that has been put in place to have at least an equality with our refugee world, since one's confiscating one's property in the occupied territories, one cannot be given the right to sell one's own property for one's own benefit, which is in areas controlled by the Republic, “he said.

According to the Minister, they have renewed the meeting of the Advisory Committee to give the members time to come back with their own suggestions. The next meeting is expected to take place on May 31.

Mr. Nouris said that the Ministry of Interior will be ready within this timetable, and with the amendment of the legislation, the which will be immediately submitted to the House of Representatives for discussion, “in order to rationalize, I repeat holistically in favor of the real beneficiaries, but also in favor of the state the policy of management of T/C assets”.

Source: KYPE

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