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The TAEP of the Troodos Hospital was inaugurated – “One of the major health projects”

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The Troodos Hospital is one of the major projects concerning the good of health, said President Anastasiades in a greeting on Saturday at the opening of the First Aid Department and the Tuberculosis Clinic of the Kyperountas Hospital.

The The President said that the projects and policies drawn up by the Government show how much importance should be given to the mountain communities, the criteria, the incentives, the infrastructure, the road network, everything that will help to stop urbanism and to have development and advancement in the communities that once flourished.

“Through the national strategy for tourism, through the housing policy, through the incentives given so that our young people remain in their communities, through the effort to create and support local production, I believe that we are entering a new path , in order to respond to what we owe to the pillars of the Cypriot people, our mountain communities,” he said.

The President said that in most of the provinces there are now medical centers, however, the most important of all was the introduction of the NHS, which without discrimination responds or should respond to the needs of all citizens.

He expressed the belief that the more than doubling of the budget in relation to the health sector also demonstrates the Government's interest in an issue that once had to either be used, or there should be waiting at the expense of the health of the people.

< p>President Anastasiades said that the first years of his  life were spent in the mountain communities, in Amiantos, and that Kyperounda was one of the communities in which during his political journey he experienced love and gave everything possible. Like, he added, Agros and Chandria and Agridia and Solea and other communities with which we have excellent relations.

He expressed his thanks to the Commissioner of Mountainous Communities, Kostas Hambiaouri, saying that the Commissioner of Mountainous Communities is an institution started by the Government with Yiannis Papadouris and “we must not forget and never misrecognize the people who conceived ideas and who adopted ideas”. .

The President also expressed his warm thanks to the Director of the Hospital, the doctors, the nurses, the paramedical staff, and all those who contributed and helped so that the plans were made based on the needs and as it should be, to the Aldermen of the region, to the Ministry of Health, to the Ministers, to the General Director, to all those who stood as helpers and supporters and with determination pushed for the project to be done.

He also thanked and congratulated the Public Works, the Ministry of Transport , which significantly contributed to the implementation of the project, as well as the contractors.

“And because I understand that there are some pending I call for the remaining, minor projects to be settled as soon as possible, which, however, do not hinder the functionality of the hospital”, concluded the President.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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