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“There are no predictions and indications of a major earthquake in Cyprus in the immediate future”

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Although there is a risk of a strong earthquake in Cyprus, there are no signs that it will happen in the near future, Turkish scientists estimate.

According to “Yeni Duzen”, Turkish academic geologist Okan Tuisouz, expressed the opinion that there is a possibility of an earthquake in the sea area that stretches from Antioch to Cyprus. According to him, an earthquake in this area “would not greatly affect the land”.

According to Gazi University professor Suleiman Pambal, he pointed out that there are earthquakes greater than 8 on the Richter Scale in the history of Cyprus and that “there is always the risk of an earthquake greater than 8 and a tsunami in Cyprus.” Cyprus is located in the area called the Cyprus arc, which affects the Arabian and Anatolian plates. 

Professor Syukrou Ersoi puts forward the opinion that “there is nothing to indicate that an earthquake will occur in Cyprus today or tomorrow. The President of the Natural Sciences Research Center of Yildiz Polytechnic noted that there is no forecast and no scientific data that an earthquake will occur in Cyprus in the near future.

For his part, Professor Ahmet Ercan stated that “the the probability of an earthquake in the Cyprus arc is very small”. An earthquake (in Cyprus) could be caused by the transfer of energy (from Anatolia). The places where it will cause the most damage may be Southern Cyprus, he said. “But the likelihood of that happening right now is very small in my opinion,” he pointed out. 

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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