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Thirty-three fires burn in Chernobyl – It's “like sitting in a barrel of gunpowder,” say Ukrainians

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The State Emergency Service of Ukraine was very clear when it referred to the fires that continue to burn around the nuclear reactor in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.


“It's like sitting on a barrel of gunpowder,” he said. At the same time, firefighters monitoring the situation warn that the fires burning in the Chernobyl forests, if they develop into a large-scale fire, will be a disaster.

The fire near a nuclear reactor is not only problematic but virtually impossible, they say. Ukraine calls for immediate action to demilitarize the nuclear reactor and Chernobyl region in general and hand it over to the UN.

31 fires around the reactor < The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine calls on the UN Security Council to declare the Chernobyl nuclear power plant under special protection.

Irina Verestsuk has called for a special mission UN to take charge of the area, according to the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda.

“As far as nuclear safety is concerned, the irresponsible and unprofessional actions of the Russian army pose a serious threat not only to Ukraine but also to hundreds of millions of other Europeans,” she said.

Ms. Verestsuk argued that the Russian military is stockpiling large quantities of ammunition in the area where the half-destroyed nuclear plant is located and that the fires that broke out in the area around Chernobyl could have very serious consequences. that firefighting is being blocked by the Russian military and that radioactive particles may be released into the atmosphere because of them.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Environment of Ukraine spoke about 31 fires in the area where Chernobyl is located.

Reactor 4 of the nuclear plant exploded in 1986, causing what is described as the worst disaster in a civilian nuclear facility in history. It was covered by two sarcophagi. The first was built by the Soviets and has been damaged. The second, most modern, was installed in 2019. The other three reactors were progressively shut down after the disaster, the last in 2000. The plant continues to store radioactive waste today.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) described yesterday the security situation at the Ukrainian nuclear power plants unchanged.

Romania is trembling about a nuclear accident & # 8211; Will distribute iodine pills

Romania, which borders Ukraine, will distribute iodine pills free of charge to the population next week to “prepare” them for a possible nuclear incident linked to the Russian invasion, the government announced today.

The risk

'We can not completely rule out' this risk and 'we know that in the event of an accident, we will not have time to dispense pills,'” the health minister said. Alexandrou Rafila, during a press conference.

“One should not take them for precautionary reasons”, he underlined, announcing the imminent start of an information campaign.


Physicians will be tasked with distributing the doses in this EU country, whose “collective memory” has been marked by the Chernobyl disaster, according to him.

Warning strong>

Since the start of the Russian military operation on February 24, the International Atomic Energy Agency has warned of the dangers of this war, the first to unfold in a country with a huge nuclear power plant complex of 15 reactors. >

Source: in.gr

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These are the demands of the Ukrainians to end the war & # 8211; What was said at the Istanbul deal

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Russian negotiator: Withdrawal of our troops does not mean ceasefire

“Lay down your weapons,” Putin tells Ukrainians via & # 8230; Macron & # 8211; The operation in Mariupol is on the air

Source: politis.com.cy

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