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Diplaros: He “sings” to the OAU about the shortages of medicines

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At least sixty pharmaceuticals available through GESS are out of the system for a long time, while in private pharmacies they are only available for purchase outside GESS. The specific drugs are recorded and named in a letter to the Health Insurance Organization by the chairman of the Parliamentary Health Committee and Vice-Chairman of DISY Efthymios Diplaros. . This is a significant number of drugs, which are part of the main treatment of diseases. In the letter, Mr. Diplaros points out that the Health Committee has been informed that some medicines are in short supply for a long time in private pharmacies or, while they are provided through GESS and in stock, are only available for purchase outside GESS, such as cortisone preparations. .

At the same time, he notes that a number of drugs, necessary for the treatment of mainly chronic patients, are not available in GESS or are available at a high cost of supplementation. In fact, it encloses a relevant list of medicines, for which the Committee has been informed on the initiative of a group of chronic patients.

Health, as well as the possible actions it intends to take in order to address the problem.

Source: politis.com.cy

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