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Today they decide to postpone Municipal Elections – The three “YES” of the big ones, paved the way

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The government is presenting today in the Parliament, with the urgent procedure, the necessary bills that will make possible the postponement of the municipal and community elections of next December, after yesterday's decision of the Council of Ministers and relevant instructions given to the competent Minister of Interior , a development that shows that the cube has been thrown and the postponement of the elections must be taken for granted.

The bills that will be submitted today in order to be approved in laws provide for the “extension of the term of the already elected mayors and members of the municipal councils in 2016, from January 1, 2022 until the last day of the month in which to hold elections for the members of the European Parliament in the year 2024 “, with the aim, as emphasized in the relevant decision of the Minister,” during this period, to achieve the implementation of the reform of the framework of action and operation of municipalities. Relevant bills also extend the term of office of the already elected in 2016 and currently incumbent community leaders and members of community councils, but also of those already elected in 2016 and currently incumbent members of school boards. In these cases, too, the extension of the term of office will be valid from 1 January 2022 until the last day of the month in which the elections for the members of the European Parliament in the year 2024 will be held.

Authorization for modifications

In yesterday's decision, the Council of Ministers also authorized the Minister of Interior to bring to the specific bills any amendments he deems appropriate during the stage of their elaboration and discussion in the House of Representatives, before their vote, without returning them back to the Minister for approval. .

The bills will be officially submitted to the Plenary Session of the Parliament today and may even be discussed in the scheduled session of the Parliamentary Committee on Interior, where the Minister of Interior will be present to be informed by the parliamentary parties about their final positions on the whole issue.

Yes from K.E. ΑΚΕΛ

As “P” wrote yesterday, the three major parties DISY, AKEL and DIKO are expected to turn on – except unexpectedly – today the green light in the postponement of the elections, since AKEL and DIKO, which were initially hesitant, now seem to consider the solution of the postponement. as the best under the circumstances. The attitude of the party was discussed at yesterday's session of the Central Committee of AKEL, which decided that the party's priority remains the completion of the reform in the Local Government and in the context, but also under this condition the party is ready to agree to the postponement. of the December elections.

The report that may bring about a reversal

However, the fact that the bills approved yesterday by the Ministry do not set a tight timetable for the completion of the Local Government reform, but vaguely state that the “implementation of the reform of the framework of action and operation of municipalities” can be achieved in the period up to The next local elections, which will be held together with the 2024 European elections, may cause new frictions today, as AKEL and DIKO have made it clear that in order to accept a postponement of the elections and an extension of the current authorities, there must be a commitment from parties and the government. TA reform will be completed by the end of December 2021.

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DISY, AKEL and DIKO found them for the Municipal Elections – Let's go for a postponement and extension of the term until 2024

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