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True stories of democracy in the European Parliament election campaign – Watch the official video

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<p>We are heading towards the final stretch for the European elections in June and the European Parliament is launching the pre-election campaign, with the slogan “Use your vote. So that others do not decide for you”, through which the aim is to make it clear that the current elections are not only about the future of Europe, but also about the future of democracy. </p>
<p>With Russia's invasion of Ukraine and anti-democratic trends in Europe galloping, <strong>the continent's history with democracy</strong> is a key pillar of the campaign.</p>
<p>Through the<strong> historical narrating from tragic historical moments of the 20th century and looking back at the experiences of World War II and dictatorships</strong>, the campaign tries to touch the hearts of European citizens, sending the clear message: <strong>Democracy is in danger. “Use your vote. Otherwise, others will decide for you”.</strong></p>
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“In the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine a European Union without democracy, but at the same time, it is very difficult to imagine a strong democracy if the EU does not work well”, said the press representative of the European Parliament. Jaume Duch Guillot at the“Innovative Media”seminar. As part of the seminar, media workers from all EU countries, including Cyprus /strong>, had the opportunity to learn about this year's campaign and be the first to watch the video titled “Hero”!

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<p>In the video “<strong>Hero”, broadcast today for the first time pan-European, </strong>star third generation Europeans, of various nationalities, who, through the <strong>narration of tragic moments of the pastthey remind their grandchildren <strong>of their experiences with dictatorships and war </strong>and the<strong> successes of European peace, </strong>sending a <strong>message to the younger generations.</strong> What is the message; “<strong>We have offered you free and democratic countries, but now it is your responsibility to protect freedom and democracy.”</strong></p>
<p>The message <strong>is underlined by witnesses referring to B&# 8217; World War</strong>touching on the Holocaust and the Nazi invasion of France, the “Prague Spring” in 1968 and the Fall of the Berlin Wall.</p>
<p>What is characteristic is what the seminar framework said “<strong>Innovative Media </strong>” both the<strong> creators and the protagonists of the film.</strong></p>
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