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Unbelievable scene in Nicosia: 19-year-old evaded control, crashed another car and injured passengers

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Illegal drug possession and traffic offenses in Nicosia – 19-year-old arrested

In another incident in Paphos, two 26-year-olds were arrested for driving a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs and stabbing


At around 1.45 in the morning today, a patrol of the Nicosia Traffic Police signaled to a car driver, who was moving on Tseriou Avenue in Nicosia, to stop for a check. Instead, the driver of the vehicle developed speed, as a result of which he collided with a second patrol car, in which three members of the Police were riding, and came to a standstill.

Examinations revealed that the vehicle in question was driven by a 19-year-old, without a driver's license and without being covered by a safety certificate, and he was arrested for spontaneous offenses.

A physical search of the 19-year-old followed, where he A quantity of drugs was found, which was confiscated, while he underwent a preliminary drug test with a positive result.

The occupants of the second patrol car were injured in the accident and were transported to the Emergency Department of the Nicosia General Hospital, where it was found that they had suffered a neck fracture and after receiving first aid, were discharged. YKAN (Nicosia Branch) and the Nicosia Traffic Police continue the investigations.

In another incident that took place around 1.30 am today in Paphos, two 26-year-olds were arrested to facilitate the investigations.

< Specifically, members of the Paphos Police and the Paphos Traffic Police, while carrying out checks on Akamantidos Avenue in Paphos, stopped a vehicle in which two people were riding.

In a physical search of the co-driver, aged 26 years , was found in possession of a folding knife and was arrested to facilitate investigations.

Also, a search of the car turned up a second folding knife, which according to the driver of the vehicle, aged 26, was his own and confiscated, while the 26-year-old driver was arrested to facilitate the interrogations.

Then, the driver of the vehicle underwent a preliminary drug test with a positive indication.

Paphos co they start the exams.

Source: politis.com.cy

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