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We claimed, we dared, we continue! Chrysantho Faka's message for Nicosia

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With a central message of “Nicosia above all”, Chrysanthos Fakas submitted his candidacy on Thursday (25/4) for the position of the first elected Deputy Mayor of Nicosia.

The candidate Deputy Mayor was accompanied by his parents Ioannis and Maria, whom he wanted to nominate him to personally honor them for what they offered him.

H. Faka was flanked by DISY president Annita Dimitriou, the general secretary of DIKO Giorgos Solomou, the deputy of DIPA Marinos Mousioutas, the president of the provincial secretariat of DIPA Haris Neophytou, as well as the deputies of DISY, Haris Georgiadis, the Vice-President Savia Orfanidou and the press representative, Onoufrios Koullas.< /p>

Ch. Fakas thanked the faction of the Democratic Alarm and the political forces DIKO and DIPA that support him, as well as the candidates for municipal councilors, school prefects and the organized groups of Nicosia who accompany him in the electoral struggle.

In his statement at the nomination site, the Deputy Mayor candidate gave his personal and political stamp on the importance of the June 9 elections for Nicosia, pointing out the following:

“Our Nicosia needs people who will they love and will work for her!

In the easy times as well as in the difficult times I was present.

Today as a natural progression of my path I claim to serve our city from the position of the first elected Deputy Mayor of Nicosia and I invite you to be my fellow travelers on this journey.

First and foremost in this race I would like my parents to be proud of me, that is why I chose to accompany and recommend me.< /p>

In the last years we worked together for the regeneration of our city.

We claimed, dared and implemented substantial projects.

What is gradually being built justifies us.

Nicosia is changing and this gives us strength to continue working for the improvement of our city.

Good luck to everyone!”

Source: www.philenews.com

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