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What will Putin announce on May 9? – The three scenarios for the war in Ukraine

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Recently, the scenario that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin , has set May 9 as an important milestone for any developments in the war with Ukraine .

Initially, Western estimates indicated that Moscow < He will try to announce a major victory on the front, but now new information is coming to light from… Pope Francis.

The three scenarios

Speaking to the Italian Corriere della Sera, the “Pope” revealed that Moscow plans to end its invasion of Ukraine on May 9, the day the USSR's victory over Germany in World War II is celebrated and is one of the The most important holidays for Russia.

According to the head of the Catholic Church in his interview, the Russian president intends to announce the end of the war that day. Pope Francis notes that this revelation was made to him by the Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban, during their meeting.

“There is not enough will for peace,” Pope Francis said, adding that he was pessimistic about the developments.

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At the same time, plant officials have long believed that Putin would use the symbolism and propaganda value of the day to announce either a military achievement in Ukraine or a large-scale escalation of hostilities – or both.

< Officials are beginning to seriously consider a scenario in which Putin would formally declare war on Ukraine on May 9.

Moscow is currently insisting on talking about a “special military operation” in Ukraine, not war. A formal declaration of war could boost the Russian president's popularity within his own country, while legislation would allow him to mobilize reserve forces and recruit conscripts to bolster forces fighting in Ukraine.

Speaking on BBC radio, Wallace added: “I would not be surprised, and I have no information, that he would probably declare Victory Day” that we are now at war with the Nazis of the world and need to mobilize the Russian λαό ».

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A third scenario, reproduced by analysts at the Institute for the Study of War, is this: Given that there are many indications that Russian forces intend to hold referendums on the establishment of “people's democracies” in the occupied territories of southern Ukraine, Putin intends to unveil a series of new “independent” “democratic democracies” as part of Victory Day celebrations.

Analysts say there is a similar fear for Moldova, as there are reports from the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic and other Russian officials suggesting that the Russian president may recognize the self-proclaimed Transnistrian Republic of Moldova. the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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