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AEL: Everything is up in the air

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There is nothing certain about the next day

ΑΕΛ: Τα παντα στον αερα

In terms of the competition, AEL may be waiting for the semi-final matches of the cup, but in the blue and yellow camp they are waiting for the long-awaited clarification as far as the administration is concerned. This is a topic that is of great concern to the world of the team, since in fact a lot is heard in football clubs without anything coming from official lips.

At the moment everything is up in the air and therefore no one can say with certainty what the evolution of this situation will be, while the longer the Union and Company administrative leaders are not positioned and clarified, the more anxious the world will be.< /p>

There is some data that is already known. The Union has informed Sophokleous that the agreement is not being renewed under the existing conditions and they must sit down at the negotiating table if he wishes to continue managing the football department. Also some contacts were made with the prospective Saudi investor, but the matter did not progress.

For his part, “Sofo” informed of his intention to resign in a letter he had sent to the Union in January. Beyond that, we had a new letter from the Union to the administrative leader of the company, a few days ago, where they ask him to clarify his intentions soon so that they know how to proceed.

In addition to the data above , there is nothing certain about the next day. The scenarios are many, with the football clubs buzzing. On the one hand, there are those who argue that the two sides will get along and Sophocles will remain. On the other hand, many believe that he will take over the union, putting an end to the whole matter, effectively leaving out “Sofos”, while the investors' scenario is always on the table,

But whatever scenarios there are, the substance does not change. Everything in AEL at the moment is up in the air, there are many questions and information… none. As a matter of fact, the matter needs to be cleared up one way or the other so that the team can enter the next day and finally take steps in the right direction.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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