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Authorization for strike measures in KEDIPES

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Authorization for strike measures in KEDIPES

The general assemblies of the members of ETYK in KEDIPES unanimously led to the authorization to take strike measures. The failure of the last voluntary exit plan in KEDIPES activated the prospect of redundancies, with the management of KEDIPES launching a round of contacts with the unions.

According to a circular of ETYK during the General Assemblies, the working colleagues were initially informed about the latest developments.

“The common position was that the Government itself, which in fact is the owner of KEDIPES, cannot threaten surpluses, threaten to send unemployed workers, at a time when these workers, when the Cooperation collapsed (who are they responsible for the collapse;), they stayed in the Organization and worked to stand on its own two feet “, the circular states.

The Board of Directors of ETYK was unanimously authorized to proceed with the further handling of the issue and to use all the means at its disposal, including the strike.

Considering that the vast majority of KEDIPES staff belong to the ranks of ETYK (almost 80% while the other two unions have only 10%), the weight of the result of our General Assemblies is decisive and should undoubtedly be taken very seriously. seriously taken into account by the Governors.
Taking strike measures was never an end in itself for our Organization, which is why we hope that, in the context of our discussions with the Company's Management, the problem will be resolved by avoiding unnecessary and harmful confrontations.
At the same time, however, now bound by the decisions of our General Assemblies, we declare that, if KEDIPES does not change its position, we will proceed with determination and militancy in taking strike measures, without excluding the possibility of participating in this struggle, of all our members in all Banks “, the circular concludes.

Source: politis.com.cy

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