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Avrupa: Population explosion in the occupied territories causes problems

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Αβρούπα: Πληθ υσμιακor eκρηξη στα κατεχoμενα π&rho ;οκαλεi προβλorματα

Under the title “Izlem Gürcag's admission about the population explosion”, the columnist Mehmet Levent comments in Europe on the statements of the KEEE “minister of health”, who, when asked to respond to criticism, said that the problems and the inadequacy in the health sector, such as the problems and inadequacies in the other "institutions" and "organizations" are due to the population explosion.

According to the GTP, in his article Levent adds that this is “perhaps the first correct conversation she has said since the day she assumed her duties.” He confessed this impressive reality, which everyone knows, but for some reason hesitate to mention it! ‘There is a population explosion’, he said. After saying that I think he must have relieved himself by taking a deep breath!»

Mehmet Levent notes that he has written many times that behind many problems and tension in the occupied territories is the artificially created population growth. "This impressive reality that everyone sees but pretends not to see, everyone hears but pretends not to hear, is now loudly confessed by a government minister.

The t/c columnist mentions that there is talk of an explosion created by a population, which is artificially and systematically channeled from Turkey. The economy of the pseudo-state, he continues, does not lift the population. All areas of service are inadequate, he writes, saying that services that were provided to 100-200 thousand people in the past are now provided to 1 million people.

«Health services are inadequate! Schools are inadequate! Energy resources are insufficient! The roads are insufficient! We can explain this deficiency with a very simple and specific example. In the past, this pie or this bread you can say, was shared by 100 thousand people. Our electricity and water were enough for us. The pie is the same, the bread is the same! But at least 500 thousand people share it, not 100 thousand».

Those who created this population explosion, he concludes, have no right now to turn around and turn it into an excuse for their failures. Nevertheless, as an admission of a reality it can be considered a step forward, he notes, "even if these deaf ears of those who cause the population explosion" do not hear it.

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Source: www.sigmalive.com

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