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BAYOU® RUM: A top quality premium rum

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BAYOU® RUM: Eν&alpha ; premium ρούμι κορυφαΙας ποιότητας

The Rum Bayou®

In 2011, in the heart of Louisiana's so-called “Cane Country,”, three childhood friends realized that in their places where rum was once quietly produced, in the Bayou, i.e. the area of ​​tributaries and canals of the Delta of the Mississippi, America's original drink, was now forgotten. Although its main ingredient, sugarcane, has been cultivated there since the 1700s, no one had yet exploited the abundance of the natural raw material to make a premium rum of the highest quality. The three of them pledged to change the situation, with a rum that the whole world would enjoy. Two years later, Bayou® Rum Distillery opened its doors to the public in Lacassine, Louisiana.

Bayou® Rum is the American handcrafted rum proudly brewed in Lacassine, Louisiana, USA with 100% natural, local, raw sugar cane grown in the rich soils of the famous Mississippi Delta. It is fermented with sugarcane yeast and distilled in one of the best copper still systems in the world, in a privately owned distillery named Louisiana Spirits. Bayou® Rum holds the title of America's #1 Craft Rum, has won over 100 awards and counting.

Bayou® White < strong>Rum

Bayou® White Rum combines fresh, vibrant flavor and aroma into a multi-layered experience. For 40 days he “rests” in order for the intense, clean aromas to honey and meld. Pot still distillation gives Bayou® White Rum a delicate complexity rarely found in white rum. Triple filtered local fresh water gives it the purest and purest taste, making it perfect as a base for classic cocktails. It is a full-bodied, sweet rum with a rounded character, and aromas of light notes of vanilla and banana that on the palate reveal successive layers of sweet cream and vanilla pods. Bayou® White Rum is so versatile that it can be used in rum cocktails, consumed on its own, over ice, or added to classic cocktails such as the Daiquiri, Mojito, Bloody Mary and Moscow Mule.

Bayou® Spiced Rum

Bayou® Spiced Rum pays homage to Louisiana's cajun culture of enjoying life to the fullest. Bayou® Spiced Rum with its spicy flavor keeps its spice character intact when mixed into cocktails or mixed. It is characterized by a complex yet delicate blend of spices, the inspiration for which came from the famous spicy cuisine of Louisiana. Bayou® Spiced Rum rests for 30 days in the company of a special blend of aromatics that gives aroma and amber color. It is a mild yet complex rum that harmoniously combines the aromas of maple, banana, clove, vanilla and pepper. In Bayou® Spiced Rum we find a long finish that highlights the spices used in Louisiana Creole cuisine.

Bayou® Reserve Rum

Bayou® Reserve is ideal for those who prefer bourbon as this exquisite handcrafted American super-premium rum is matured for 4 years in bourbon-infused barrels that further enhance the complexity of this unique rum. The special Solera aging process gives a rich and smooth taste, with consistency and character. Bayou® Reserve is made without the use of machinery, by pot still distillation, and is gluten free. With its dry, oaky character, it initially reminds one of aged bourbon, and then reveals a powerful combination of cinnamon and maple. With an aroma of cream and notes of vanilla, apple and cinnamon, it is dry with a long aftertaste of dark fruits and wood. Enjoy Bayou® Reserve neat or over ice, in whiskey cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, in classic Rum Sours and Daiquiris.

Bayou® Single Barrel Rum

Bayou® Single Barrel comes from a limited release batch that matures for 5 years in barrels that previously housed Californian red wine from the Napa Valley, resulting in a rich, fruity and full-bodied rum. Bayou® Reserve Rum is a supreme American handcrafted ultra-premium rum that is produced in small quantities and reveals the effect of barrel type on the taste. This is a carefully crafted rum that will enchant the initiated connoisseur of aged spirits. This rum combines rich aromas of oak, fig, red berries, spices, robust notes of plum, black pepper, dry oak and earthy touches. The finish on the palate is long, rounded and spicy, with flavors of berries and charred oak. Enjoy Bayou® Reserve Rum, ideally neat or over ice for a unique taste experience.

Bayou® XO Mardi Gras

It marks the height of luxury for Bayou® American rum. The inspiration for Bayou® XO Mardi Gras comes from the spirit of New Orleans Mardi Gras. Distilled in small, single batches, the exquisite ultra-premium rum is aged for at least five years in casks that previously contained bourbon. Then, aging continues for a year in the best Pedro Ximenez Spanish sherry casks. Bayou® XO is a double cask luxury rum with an intense dark color reminiscent of mahogany and a slightly floral aroma, with cedar wood, dark stone fruit, plum, sandalwood and dried dark fruit. Complex and complex, it combines notes of marmalade and dark stone fruits with bursts of blackcurrant, dried plum and oak, and a light honey-like sweetness. It has a long finish and a pleasant dryness of honey, black pepper and sherry. Enjoy Bayou® XO Mardi Gras straight, over ice, or in elaborate bourbon cocktails like the Old Fashioned.

Featured Signature Serves:

Mojito De Bayou

  • 60ml Bayou® White Rum
  • 22ml simple syrup
  • 22ml fresh juice lime
  • 10 mint leaves

Crush the mint in the bottom of a tall glass. Add remaining ingredients and ice. Stir for a while. Garnish with blueberries and mint.

Berry White

  • 60ml Bayou® White Rum
  • 22ml fresh lime juice
  • 22ml simple syrup
  • 2 strawberries melted
  • 2 drops Bitter Truth Creole Bitters

Add all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake.

The official distributor of Bayou® in Cyprus is Laiko Cosmos Trading. You can look for it in updated wineries and bars throughout Cyprus.

About Stoli Group®

The Stoli ® Group was founded in 2013 and is responsible for the production, management and distribution of the international SPI portfolio. Best known for its Stolichnaya® Vodka brand, Stoli® Group has expanded its portfolio in recent years to serve global demand for premium on-premise and more sophisticated beverages.

Its main brands are: Stoli ® Vodka, Elit™ Vodka, Bayou® Rum, Kentucky Owl®, Villa One™, Gator Bite™ Rum Liquers, Cenote™ Tequila, and Se Busca™ Mezcal.

With a presence in over 176 markets, the Stoli® Group operates with a dedicated team of 200 distributors worldwide. Based in Luxembourg, the Stoli® Group has facilities in Spain, Italy, Argentina and the USA, some of which date back to the last century.

For more information, visit the following link: stoli -group.com.

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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