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Christiana Aristotelous: The car accident, the injury and the remains it left her!

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    Χριστιανα Αρισ τοοοοοοοοοοοοοο αυτισκαλπο της Αφησε!

    “I manage it with several physical therapies”, Christiana Aristotelous said, among other things

    Christiana Aristotelous was invited to the ShowBiz podcast, “Winter Is Back” with journalist Charalambos Heimonas. Among other things, the beloved presenter of Alpha Cyprus talked about the car accident she had a few years ago and the remains it left her with.

    “It was something serious. I was stopped at some traffic lights in Nicosia and a car came and literally stopped on top of me. It was at high speed. I'm still dealing with a pretty intense issue with my neck and I'm doing physical therapy quite often. It's been eight years since then and he's in my life. I, who never drank painkillers, now have many painkillers next to me in the cupboard at the office”, said Christiana Aristotelous on the ShowBiz podcast.

    Then, Christiana Aristotelous added: “It is something that makes my daily life very difficult but it is something that cannot be changed. I manage it with a lot of physical therapy and a stash of painkillers I keep by my desk.”

    Watch the video below: