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Christoforou for Hamboula: “I leave the interpretation to you…”

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Christoforou for Hamboula:

The spokesman of Anorthosis, Dimitris Christoforou, spoke, among other things, in his statements to SPOR FM 95.0 about the session of the KOP where the crucial decision will be taken and the absence of the president Eugenios Hamboullas from the general assembly.

He also mentioned the refereeing, the victory over Karmiotissa, the upcoming derbies and Okriashvili.

Among other things, Christoforou mentioned…

For the KOP session: “I imagine it is to go together with the Cup draw in the GSP that the change from Wednesday to Thursday. We presented our views to the General Assembly, from what I understand I have not clarified the intention of all the teams, it is fluid what will happen. Our view is the well-known one that springs from positions of authority when we need to do so. K. Hamboullas chose not to attend and I leave the interpretation to you “.

Regarding the possible descent of foreign referees: “We have not been officially informed about the descent of foreign referees. If it comes up, we will comment on it. We have pointed out the mistakes. We need to make it clear that we are dealing with those who operate the VAR, not with the VAR itself. “

For the victory over Karmiotissa: “We entered the match dynamically, in order to clear it. We did not do it and in the end Karmiotissa scored, she believed it a little more, but we were not threatened at all after the 2-1. We have eight consecutive victories inside, there is a distance from the top and we have to continue with victories to cover it. Our image was of a team that was better than the other. “Our victory was not in question.”

For the next derbies: “We have two derbies now with AEK and AEL. These are the games that will determine the balance for the playoffs. We will try to get both victories, first the double with AEK. It is not easy, AEK is promoted, it is going to be a tradition for us to face everyone in good condition and we can win “.

For Okriashvili: “He has entered training. The point is that there should be no setbacks. We will not rush, when he is ready, he will enter the mission “.

Regarding what Timur Ketspaia said in the press conference: “Timur Ketspaia is a coach and he has the right to have his opinion”.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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