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Dusting the plan with the relaxations – The thoughts of the experts and the optimism Hadjipandella

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Dusting the plan with the relaxations - The thoughts of the experts and the optimism Hadjipandella

Exercises on paper on what the next steps of the government should be are done by the Ministry of Health and epidemiologists, while cases and the rate of positivity remain “stuck” at about the same levels for the third consecutive week. With the Minister of Health being in self-restraint, any announcements for relaxations or changes in protocols are also quarantined.

The only issue that is expected to concern today's session of the Council of Ministers is the implementation of the test to stay in the National Guard, while the postponement of the discussion for the extension of the measure in kindergartens was brought by the reactions from the parents. The country is going through a catalytic week, which will decide in the meeting of the Minister of Health with the scientists whether the relaxations will come out of the drawer or whether they will get another extension.

The minister is optimistic

The new cases that are detected every day may exceed 3,000 on average, however, the Ministry of Health is convinced that the epidemiological picture of our country is gradually improving. Yesterday, in fact, the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipandelas, expressed the view that the measures taken pay off and that although the number of new cases identified daily remains high, at the same time the percentage of positivity began to decline.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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