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Emilia Vondos on the health problem she is facing: “I was born with a 68% disability in the blood”

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    Η Αιμιλiα Βντο&sigmaf ; για το πρoβλημα υγεiας που αντι&mu ;ετωπiζει: «Γεννorθηκα με 68% αναπη ρλα στο αλμα»

    “I had come to the point where we were negotiating whether I would die or not”

    Emilia Vondos, who became widely known through her participation in “My style rocks”, gave an interview on Zoe Pre's YouTube channel.

    The subversive player who managed to turn things upside down in the fashion reality show, spoke on the show “Krima”, where, among other things, she mentioned her childhood, her personality and much more.

    In fact, during the interview she confessed the serious health problem she is facing and more specifically, she revealed that she was born with a 68% disability in the blood.

    Specifically she said: « I was born with a health issue so big that if I didn't have this quality life that my parents gave me, maybe we wouldn't be here talking. I was born with a big problem it's basically 68% disability in the blood. It's what I've learned to live with now, you never get over it, there's no way around it. It's a hematological problem that I won't go into detail about,but it's something I was born this way and this is how I'm going to die. This is how I will be until the end of my life. The hospitalizations came one after the other, 5 times a year. I had to be hospitalized and miss school 4 times a month. It was very hard. The kids were wondering when I came back what I was doing. This is the first time I have shared it so openly.

    My teenage years in particular were terrifying. The doctors had cut me off from everything. I had everything at my feet and never lacked for anything. I was very lucky in that part, because I had my family. But I have gone through periods of great depression. I wasn't taking my meds in the first place. I had come to the point where we were negotiating whether I would die or not. The drugs were injected into the abdomen with a machine that I had to keep for 12 hours at night and in the morning when I would wake up to go to school, remove it.

    I couldn't do that. They told me “we have to find a solution, you have to take your medicine”. I say “there is no solution, I won't take it, I can't be a hole in the belly”. He tells me “my child, you understand that the situation is not good, you will die”. I turn around and tell him “ok, let me die, I don't have a problem. I can go right now down the road and get hit by a car and die.'' . I said to myself “God, I leave my health in your hands and you will decide what to do, you will decide the course of my health”. These were exactly my words. Since my last hospitalization until today, I have not been hospitalized again.”

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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