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Extraordinary Christmas Gift-Who are the beneficiaries and when will it be given

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Εκτακτο Χρισ&tau ;ουγεννιατικο Δoρο-Ποιοι οι δικ αιούχοι και πότε θα δοθεи

The Council of Ministers approved today the granting of an extraordinary Christmas Gift for 2022, with an expenditure of €17.1 million, following a proposal by the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Ms. Anastasia Anthousi.

The Christmas Gift will be granted to the same categories of beneficiaries given in 2021 and specifically to:

•           Beneficiaries of Minimum Guaranteed Income (MIG),

•           Beneficiaries of the Low Income Retired Household Support Plan,

•           Beneficiaries of the Plan to Provide Honorary Allowance for Mothers with Many Children,

•           Public Assistance Recipients, and

•           Prisoners and children of prisoners who live in the occupied territories and attend the Kindergarten, Primary and High School of Rizokarpasos.

In addition to the above categories of beneficiaries, the extraordinary Christmas Gift will be granted this year to beneficiaries who receive the Single-Parent Families Allowance, with a total income up to €19,500 and deposits up to €10,000.

It is clarified that the amount of the Christmas Gift will not be considered as income for the purposes of providing the EEE, Low-Pensioner's Allowance, Honorary Mother's Allowance, Child and Single Parent Family Allowance, Easter Gift and Christmas Gift.

Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare Benefit Payment for December

Ahead of the Christmas holidays, the Social Welfare Services and the Welfare Benefits Management Service of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare have made all the necessary arrangements for earlier payment of public aids, allowances and other social benefits, as follows:

Εκ τακτο Χριστουγεννιατικο Δoρο-&Pi ;οιο & iota οι δικαιοyχοι και πoτε θα δοθεi

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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