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From multiple pensions to officials' gratuities – The illegalities that took place and … the changes that are coming to the amounts

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Unconstitutional for an official to receive a salary and pension, according to the Audit Service.

Speaking on the Alpha Kalimera show, Marios Petridis, Representative of the Audit Service, referred to the bills concerning the abolition of the multiple pensions of state officials and parliamentarians. This will not be decided by the Parliament, but how others will move to remove the illegality.

The General Accounting Office continues, in violation of the express provisions of the law, to also pay salary and pensions to current officials, who had previously served somewhere else” .

He then referred to the benefits of both the President of the Republic and the Speaker of the Parliament.

«Today someone who serves in the office of the President of the Republic receives a pension of 85,000 a year and 400 thousand as a lump sum. With this draft bill, the President of the Republic who leaves after the first term will receive a lump sum of 426,000 without the right to a pension. If he leaves after two terms, he will also be entitled to a second gratuity, therefore the reach 852 thousand euros” .

In the case of the Speaker of the Parliament, the corresponding pension amount is 67,000 and a lump sum of 315 thousand for the first term, while for the second term the lump sum amounts to 680 thousand without the right to a pension.

As Mr. Petridis pointed out, the arrangements if they pass with a vote by the Parliament, they will apply from now on and not for the previous ones who have already “registered” these benefits.

In addition to replacing multiple gratuity pensions, it even changes the age limit of the privileged, as the bill provides that state officials will now receive a pension at 65 instead of 60.

It is worth mentioning that considered unconstitutional, the transfer of the pension from age 60 to age 65 for those who are already in the services.

Mr. Petridis mentioned what applies to Ministers, Members of Parliament and also the amounts given as a Secretary's allowance.< /p>

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Source: 24h.com.cy

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