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Great tension and “wood” in the finale of Apollo – Al Wasl (images)

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Arab football player attacked Filiotis

Μεγληντα&sig ma;η και «ξyλο» στο φιναλε του Απoλλων - Αλ Γουα&sigma ;λ (εικoνες)

Great tension was noted towards the end of the friendly between the players of Apollo and Al Wasl.

After a foul committed by Filiotis, cockfights ensued with the Arab left winger, Youssef, as the protagonist, attacking the Cypriot defender.

The incident took on greater dimensions when the footballers of the two teams rushed to the spot where the foul was committed. Pushing and brawling ensued with the cooler ones calming down the spirits.

The referee then ejected Youssef and blew the whistle to end the match.

See the photos from Cytavision TV:

Μεγαλη Ενταση και σ ;oνες)

Μεγληνταση κ& alpha;ι «ξyλο» στο φινàλε του Απoλλων - Αλ Γουασλ (ε& iota;κoνες)

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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