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Stalking: Victims describe how they “fell” into the nets of obsessive “hunters” (video)

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    “These people don't take their word for it and that's when you understand that something is wrong with their psychology”

    Victims stalking describe how they fell into the nets of obsessive 'hunters', while the retired lieutenant general and founder of the CSI Institute analyzes the stalker's profile.

    “Many young girls today are being stalked. It is a modern scourgeand it's something that concerns many but they don't say it. Today, however, it also happens to many boys”, points out Manolis Sfakianakis in “You Still Haven't Seen Anything”.

    In fact, he also shares a case of stalking that he has handled himself. As he says, “a young man had an affair with a lady a little older than him. The young man made the mistake of going with her once and then disappearing. From then on, his “Odyssey” began. She was looking for him, texting him and their friends. Then he sent messages to his entire family environment”.

    The ways in which the stalker can approach his victim:

    -He watches the victim, creating “coincidences” so that he has visual contact with the victim,

    -Gathers information through the victim's social media and monitors his activities,

    -Communicates with the victim by phone, letters or through social media,

    -When he feels rejected, he starts the violent behavior, threats, insults, destruction of the victim's property and even causing physical or sexual harm.

    The psychological profile of the stalker:

    -Man with obsessions,

    -Lonely and often socially inadequate,

    -Distorts terms like “love” and “relationship”,

    -He does not accept rejection and is often self-destructive,

    -He “builds” a world in his mind where his behaviors are perfectly reasonable,

    -He often suffers from a personality disorder and is obsessive-compulsive.

    “These people don't take words for granted”

    A radio derivative, victim stalker, describes what experienced when he fell victim to an unknown obsessive woman.

    “My first contact with the girl was through an open radio event. I don't remember talking to her, she had associated my voice with the show. Things got weird when he started becoming a regular visitor to the studio,” she says.

    “She was waiting for me hidden behind the entrance of some building”

    And he adds: “This girl also came to the entertainment centers where I worked at night. My own reaction was “thank you very much, but I'm sorry, I have another person in my personal life. These people don't take from words and that's when you understand that something is wrong with their psychology”.

    As he says, on repeated visits to the place where he worked, he would bring some kind of gift.

    ” There were times when it was obvious he had no idea what he was doing. He was also apparently texting and calling the landline at inappropriate times. She was waiting for me hidden behind the entrance of some building with which I will learn to throw herself in front of me. The girl tried to end her life because she wouldn't accept no,” he concludes.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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