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Heavy file Sillouris with a suggestion for criminal prosecution

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Heavy file Sillouris with a suggestion for criminal prosecution

Michalis Hadjivasilis

The cube was thrown for the case of Syllouris – Giovanni and others, regarding the revelations of Al Jazeera. The Police completed the investigations and investigations regarding the revelations and forwarded the file formed to the Legal Service for further.

Information from “F” states that the most voluminous file of the TAE Police Headquarters was sent to the Legal Service about a week ago and it is submitted by investigators for criminal prosecution for a number of persons – for various serious crimes, such as conspiracy, etc. among them the former Speaker of Parliament and the former Member of Parliament. Investigations began in October 2020 shortly after the revelations of the Al Jazeera network with people involved in the political life of the place. The revelations, as it is known, led to the resignations of the second citizen of the Republic, namely the then Speaker of Parliament Dimitris Syllouris and AKEL MP Christakis Tziovanis, while the video also involved the name of lawyer Andreas Pittatzis and other persons related to company of Mr. Giovanni.

It is noted that initially, despite the uproar that had erupted from what was presented in the Al Jazeera video, Mr. Syllouris in a written statement despite the fact that he publicly apologized for some of his behavior and stated that until investigations were held he would be absent from office. eventually succumbed to the storm of reactions and pressure and submitted his resignation. In the Al Jazzera documentary, Mr. Syllouris and the AKEL MP were said to be ready to mediate in favor of a Chinese fugitive to secure a Cypriot passport.

The catalyst for the development of the case is the testimony given to the authorities by a British real estate agent who appears in the video and played an important role in the case under investigation, while although the file is in the Prosecutor's Office, information informs us that another person is still in Britain. Also, important testimonies were obtained from the computers of the persons involved for the evaluation of which special software was used.

It is noted that the persons mentioned in the video had appealed to the Supreme Court and obtained the annulment of the decrees by which their electronic data were received, therefore this fact will be taken into account during the study of the case. The Attorney General after studying the quality of the evidence will proceed with his decisions.

Source: www.philenews.com

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