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Investments of tens of millions in the “golden” fillet of the Kykkos Monastery

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 Επενδyσεισ δ&epsilon ;καδων εκατομμυρiων στο «χρυσo&raquo ; φιλΕτο της Μονorς Κyκκου

Part of the huge piece of land owned by the Kykkou Monastery in Engomi for the purpose of building luxury homes and apartments

One of the most expensive parcels of land in the country is located in Nicosia and specifically in the Municipality of Engomi, it belongs to Metohi of Kykkos and is being developed. This is plot no. 879, it is located opposite the European University of Cyprus and is bordered to the north by George Griva Digeni Avenue, to the east by Agios Prokopios Avenue, to the south by Makedonia Avenue and to the west by Nikos Kranidiotis and Avraamidis Streets . The development plot has a total area of ​​331,450 sq.m. and will be divided into 12 huge plots for the construction of, among other things, a luxury hotel and a modern hospital. As we were told, the cost of each individual project cannot be estimated at this stage, but there is talk of investments of tens of millions of euros.

 Επενδyσεισ δεκ δων εκατομμυρων στο «χρυσ» &phi ιλετο της Μονorς Κyκκου

For for the unified development of the entire block, a master plan was prepared based on the Nicosia local plan and the wishes of Metropolitan Kykkos Nikiforos. The implementation of the zoning plan is expected to be carried out independently, as each interested investor will be responsible for the design and construction of his own development.

In particular, the completed project in the plot under development is expected to consist of the following uses, which will operate separately from each other and occupy the corresponding land area:

Residential use – land area 62,774 sq.m. .

Commercial/office use – land area 92,071 sq.m.

Tourist use – land area 25,733 sq.m.

Recreational – land area 12,155 sq.m. .m.

Medical – land area 28,000 sq.m.

Other uses – land area 9,942 sq.m. The other uses include the building of the Cyprus Academy of Sciences which will have a built-up area of ​​1,600 sq.m.

Community equipment – land area of ​​8,650 sq.m. It concerns the Engomi Health Center which has been operating since 2007.

 Επενδyσεισ δεκ δων εκατομμυρων στο «χρυσ» &phi ιλετο της Μονorς Κyκκου

< b>Construction of luxury residential units

According to information from “P”, one of the 12 huge plots was sold to investors, who intend to build luxury homes and apartments, which will have swimming pools, parks, green areas with a lake, etc. This is an investment of several million euros. The project is called “Metochi – estate” and the pre-sale of residential units has already started. Hence the billboards that were placed in the area of ​​the development, which is adjacent to the Engomi Health Center. The architect of the project is Kyriakos Tsolakis office. The health center will continue to operate independently of the rest of the individual developments and will not be affected either during the implementation of the project under study or during the operation of the integrated project.

A small district

According to the zoning plan prepared by based on the local plan of Nicosia and the wishes of Metropolitan Kykkos Nikiforos, the 12 large plots will create a new urban center that will combine workplaces, residences and leisure spaces, including commercial uses and dining areas, with an emphasis on achieving a development that it is environmentally friendly. Specifically, the proposed spatial planning characterizes the development as a mixed-use green city-district that will be characterized by a high-quality environment. Although there will be easy access to the area by car, priority will be given to pedestrian traffic.

For vehicular and pedestrian access to the area under study, accesses will be created on Georgiou Griva Digeni Avenue, Agios Prokopios Avenue, of Makedonia avenue and Nikos Kranidiotis and Andreas Avraamidis streets.

Source: politis.com.cy

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