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“It seemed that I had everything but inside I felt that I had reached the bottom” – The supermodel Giselle in a soul deposit

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“Soul Testimony” by Gisele Bündchen. The supermodel from Brazil, who dominated the catwalks in the early 2000s and changed the aesthetics of fashion, spoke to British Vogue and did not hesitate to mention her career and her family.

In fact, she revealed that in 22 even though she seemed to have it all she felt it had bottomed out.

“Outwardly it seemed that I had everything, even though I was only 22 years old. “But inside me, I felt like I had reached the bottom,” she said.

Anxiety had exhausted her and panic attacks were part of her daily routine. This situation lasted for about a year and a half.

“I started my day with a mocha and whipped cream-flavored Frappuccino and three cigarettes. And I closed each night with a bottle of wine. “Imagine what this did in my mind,” he said.

In order to be able to stand on her own two feet, she sought the help of a homeopath, who suggested that she follow a method of detoxification from everything. alcohol and cigarettes.

The only things she could eat were vegetables, nuts and very small amounts of lean meat.

However, this deprivation caused her severe symptoms.

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“I had the worst migraines of my life. I remember him saying to me “do you want to live?”. It was the only way to stay healthy. Three months later, the withdrawal symptoms were almost gone. I think talking about her marriage to Tom Brady, she revealed: “It took a lot of work to stay happy to this day. I do not believe that relationships just happen. The fairy tale that people want to believe is not true. It takes work to be truly in sync with each other, especially when you have children. Tom focuses mainly on his career, while I focus on the children. And I'm very grateful he let me take the reins when it comes to our family. Tom trusts my decisions. “

She also talked about her decision to give birth at home and not in a maternity hospital, although her husband was negative at first.

“I remember at first she had no idea what home birth was. He told me not to do it, because I would die. Eventually, I persuaded him to do a little research and he agreed. “I have made it clear that this is my body and I will decide how I will give birth”, he concluded.

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