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K. Koumis: Objectives are the extension of the tourist season and sustainable development

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The Deputy Minister of Tourism referred to extreme weather events, rising temperatures, shifting rainfall and devastating and even deadly floods in every corner of the planet

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Extending the tourist season, increasing competitiveness, investing in the human factor and enriching the tourist experience, with a view to sustainable tourism development, are among the goals of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, said Deputy Minister Kostas Koumis.

In his speech at an event held tonight in Lefkara for World Tourism Day, which is celebrated on September 27, Mr. Koumis said that “this year's 44th anniversary of the celebration of this day is dedicated to man and the planet, with the appeal for targeting the green transition and green investments”.

Κ. Κουμorς: Στoχοι ε και η αειφoρος ανàπτυξη

The Deputy Minister referred to the extreme weather phenomena, the rise in temperature, the displacement of rainfall and destructive and even deadly floods in every corner of the planet and added that “decision-making and planning of actions to support the green transition is not and should not be a ringing slogan, but it is clearly an immediate need and imperative responsibility”.

As Mr. Koumis said, “the government of Nikos Christodoulidis seems determined to contribute to this and has taken a series of decisions to date, such as the passing of the measure of virtual netting of accounts which is an initiative of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, as well as an action plan entitled “Modern professional development for the green and digital transition”.

As the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, he continued “through our daily action, we seek and aim for the balanced development of our country, the extension of the tourist season and the enrichment of the tourist experience, with the aim and goal of sustainable tourism development. As a Deputy Ministry, we always aim to ensure that the projects under our supervision are developed and operated applying the best environmental practices”.

He also mentioned that “the environmental distinctions and certifications received by the marinas of Limassol and Ayia Napa, as well as the casino-resort, are not accidental”. provisions related to the principles of sustainability are always included”.

In his speech, the Deputy Minister of Tourism also referred to the investment in the human factor and noted that “everyone knows that tourism is not only luxurious facilities, infrastructures, monuments, entertainment venues and entertainment venues, but it is many others, at the center of which it was, is and is it will always be man”.

When we talk about tourism, he continued, “we have to remember that there is something that is not sold, something that is not priced, that has no price, and this is called hospitality.” The goal, noted Mr. Koumis, “should always be for visitors to feel during their stay as guests and not as customers, and to achieve this, a lot is required, including careful planning and capital investment”.

Κ. Κουμorς: Στoχοι ε και η αειφoρος ανàπτυξη

Nowadays, he continued, “in the era of absolute competition, investment in people is required to acquire and assimilate even more qualifications and skills in the workplace. Professional training is also directly linked to strengthening the quality levels and competitiveness of tourism” he said and noted that “we are strongly present in the need for the green transition and the need to invest even more in the human factor”.

< p class="text-paragraph">Mr. Koumis also said that “there is no doubt that as a country we are having a good year in terms of arrivals and revenue performance. Arrivals recorded an increase of 24.5% for the first eight months and revenues so far recorded an increase of more than 30% compared to last year” which, as he said, leaves us satisfied.

It is also important, he continued, the fact that “tourism, as the most important pillar of our country's economy, brings significant benefits to the economy, to local communities and to the whole of Cyprus, now being a proven lever for exiting the crises that, from time to time, the country enters”.

The good progress of tourism in the last two years, he said, “strengthens our own responsibility in order to plan the next day's plan to solve the perennial problems facing tourism, with the aim of increasing competitiveness and the enrichment of the tourism product of our country. It is important to realize that the needs, goals and vision for the tourism of Cyprus cannot but be common”.

The Deputy Minister also noted that “the lofty goals of tourism require alignment, cooperation and unity of all and this is what we are trying to achieve with tonight's event in Lefkara, which has been repeatedly awarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world”.

The ceremony concluded with the awarding of approximately 25 people, including distinguished personalities of the hotel and tourism sector and displaced hoteliers, while honor awards were also given.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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