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Koronovirus: Epidemiological burden in Limassol – The other provinces are marginal

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Koronovirus: Epidemiological burden in Limassol - The other provinces are marginal

The epidemiological situation in Cyprus, focusing on the epidemiological burden in the District of Limassol, was the focus of a meeting under the Minister of Health Mr. Konstantinos Ioannou, with the participation of members of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Coronavirus and the Unit Tracking Team of Monologue.

According to the data presented by the Tracing Team, it appears that in the last 14 days, there is a charge in the entire Limassol District and not in individual areas of the District. At the same time, in the other Provinces the situation is marginally below the safe limits and easily reversible if the necessary attention is not taken.

A significant number of cases of the last 14 days have been recorded in specific workplaces that are active in all Provinces, such as pharmaceutical companies, food industry units, food retail companies, retail companies, etc. At first glance, it appears that sanitary measures and protocols are not being adhered to. Therefore, the Health Services of the Ministry of Health and the competent Departments of the Ministry of Labor have intensified the on-site inspections aimed at these areas, in order to make timely interventions, where the guidelines are not faithfully implemented. During the meeting, instructions were given as to check all the staff of a company where case confluences are detected.

In addition, the Minister of Health was informed about the phenomenon observed with people positive for the virus, who do not declare all their close contacts, or declare themselves unemployed, or hide their workplaces. At the same time, there have been cases of workplaces whose addresses indicate incomplete data. It is pointed out that the non-declaration of contacts does not achieve the goal of tracking, which is none other than the reduction of outbreaks. Incomplete reporting of contacts or even the workplace where a positive incident occurs, carries the risk of a new outbreak of cases and, consequently, aggravation of the epidemiological situation.

It is also noted that individuals evaluated as close contacts are referred by the Tracing Team for PCR testing, according to the protocols of the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit. It is clarified that close contacts that undergo rapid antigen test with a negative indication, are not exempted from PCR control.

Finally, according to the data, there is an increase in the number of elderly people who were positive for the virus. As it turns out, the transmission was done within the family or by people who are responsible for their home care. To this end, the obligation of domestic helpers or workers responsible for the care of the elderly to be tested with rapid antigen test on a weekly basis, in order to reduce the possibility of disease or transmission of the virus to the vulnerable group, is re-emphasized. of the elderly.

The Ministry of Health calls on the citizens to respectfully and carefully observe the individual precautionary measures, contributing to the maintenance of the improved epidemiological image of Cyprus and preventing a new wave of cases. The epidemiological picture is fragile and can be burdened and reversed at any time.

Source: politis.com.cy

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