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“Kryftouli” for the Presidency of the Parliament

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Frixos Dalitis

The result of the ballot box brought turmoil, but also inevitably ferment for the Presidency of the Parliament, with the possible alliances that will emerge being a trajectory reference point for the continuation. Any collaborations are usually a prelude to a future electoral cooperation for the Presidential elections, with the Local Government elections as a milestone. However, apart from the ferment that is taking place around the issue of the Presidency of the Parliament, the result of Sunday's ballot brought turmoil and opened funds within the party, which will begin to unfold in the coming days.

In the chapter Presidency of Parliament it is clear that there are two poles. On the one hand, the Democratic Alarm, which remains the largest electoral force in Parliament with 17 deputies, a fact that allows it to have the first say in how it will share the game. One scenario, which was actually played out in the run-up to the elections, wanted Pindarou to support the candidacy of a smaller party president in order to secure support in Parliament regarding the government's reform bills. The reform of Local Government and Justice are big bets that the Government wants to win and in order to achieve this, it must secure the required majorities in Parliament. Its new composition, however, requires the maintenance of equal distances and balances within the body. At the moment, based on the distribution of seats, the forces that voted for the budget are offset by the magic number 29. DISY 17, EDEK 4, Democratic Party 4 and ELAM 4.


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The presidency of the Parliament does not seem to leave indifferent the Democratic Party and its president Mario Karoyan, who is one of the winners of the elections. Of course, in the case of Marios Karoyan, there is also the chapter Angelos Votsis, who on television early yesterday morning on the morning show of RIK rushed publicly to let Mario Karoyan's commitment for the transfer of the Limassol headquarters to him be suspended. That is, after giving the appropriate assurance – in order not to repeat the scenario with the headquarters of Limassol in 2016, which Solidarity won but never received due to non-assurance of Eleni Theocharous – then Angelos resigned to take the seat in Parliament Votsis as the first runner-up of the combination in Limassol. From the environment of Angelos Votsis, they refer to a report by Marios Karoyan that the Parliament is not his priority.

The second scenario, which according to our information is the most prevalent, is DISY as the largest party, to claim the Presidency of the Parliament itself. In this case, it is most likely that it will not be with the party president Averof Neophytou, but with another party MP. The party's former parliamentary representative Nikos Tornaritis is one of the names heard yesterday, with his environment emphasizing the fact that this is his fifth parliamentary term and as the oldest he could have priority. At the same time, however, it seems that he is not the only name that can be played by Pindar.

In Hezekiah Papaioannou, the election result leaves no room for discussions regarding the Presidency of the Parliament with the procedures having started running, opening a leadership chapter for the Left party. Tomorrow the Politburo and on Saturday the Central Committee will officially open the leadership chapter, setting the date of the party's Pancyprian Congress. The Conference is scheduled for June 25-27 but a small postponement of one week is not ruled out. But what is certain is that it will take place and it is anyway electoral. The information states that Andros Kyprianou will probably not ask for a renewal of the mandate with the burden falling on the successor, whoever arises from it. Stefanos Stefanou and George Loukaidis are the names that play for the next day at AKEL.

From there on, at DIKO they study various scenarios, doing exercises on paper and essentially expecting movement from the other side. The scenarios, as reported by our information are:

First: Support for a candidate from AKEL which of course will be the basis of cooperation for the future.

Second : Claiming the Presidency of the Parliament by DIKO, but not necessarily by Nikolas Papadopoulos himself.

Third : Support of Charalambos Theopemptos of the Ecologists, as a compromise candidacy which will be supported by DIKO and AKEL. However, this scenario seems to provoke reactions in some parts of the party from people who believe that the Presidency of the Parliament should end up with one of the two major parties in the coalition. That is, either in AKEL or in DIKO.

However, apart from the issue of the Presidency of the Parliament, DIKO is also concerned about the result of the elections, regardless of the seats, with party circles talking about the need for a fruitful and thorough dialogue in the party's collective organs.

Source: www.philenews.com

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