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Min. Georgia: The goal is a “green” Cyprus

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<p data-block-key=The measures and policies that have been adopted to reduce plastics are listed by the Ministry of Agriculture, while noting that the goal is a “green” Cyprus, no plastics, no waste, changing habits. Because the best waste is that which was never produced.

In its announcement on the occasion of World Plastic Free Day, the Ministry states that since 2018, the ban on the free distribution of thin plastic carrier bags (<50μm) has been implemented, and the obligation to charge for them at points of sale, and this measure had resulting in an 80-85% reduction in annual consumption compared to 2017.

In Cyprus, he adds, “various policies aimed at reducing plastics have been adopted ».

He notes that from 2022, the complete ban on the sale of the thin plastic carrier bag at points of sale will now apply.

It also mentions that in April 2022, the House of Representatives passed the harmonization legislation to reduce certain single-use plastics, according to which certain single-use plastics have been banned (e.g. plastic cutlery, plates, single-use straws) , while measures and policies are being taken to limit other single-use plastics, such as, for example, the Regulation for the management of plastic waste from tobacco products and tobacco filters, in the context of the extended responsibility of the producer, which was voted by the House of Representatives on February 2024.

At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture continues in its announcement, the approval of Regulations for the Management of Waste Plastic Products for Agricultural Use is expected, while Regulations are being prepared regarding the management of waste fishing gear containing plastic, in the context of the extended responsibility of the producer.

Notes that since 2016, Cyprus participates in the European Waste Prevention Week (EWWR) which aims to promote at the European level the implementation of public awareness actions in matters of sustainable use of resources and waste management giving them value again. 

He adds that every year the action “End single-use plastic cups” is implemented.

The Ministry of Agriculture reports, at the same time, that it is estimated that 8 million tons of plastic are channeled into the oceans.

“In the Mediterranean, plastics make up 95% of the trash found in the seas. The rapid increase in plastic pollution has alarmed the world, in recent years, since they are the cause of injury or even death of many species of wildlife. About 100,000 marine animals die every year because of plastic,” he adds.

“In addition to visible plastic pollution, there is also invisible plastic pollution, which comes from the microplastics that pass through the food chain and end up in humans with effects on human health,” he notes.

He also mentions that the goal of World Plastic Free Day is to inform and raise awareness about the importance of the problem and its possible solutions.

He notes that the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, from 2019, implements with an internal circular, the ban on the use of plastics in catering services at its events, days and conferences, and at the same time promotes the reuse by asking bidders, all types of serving be reusable (e.g. glass water bottles, glass or glass glasses and, plates, metal cutlery, etc.).

The Ministry of Agriculture states that within its of the Life IP-CY Zero Waste project (2021-2029), which is headed by the Department of Environment, a new policy of the Department is applied in its various events (forums, workshops, trainings, etc.), during which reusable glasses with the logo of project.

“Corresponding actions are implemented in the framework of consultations carried out for the “Pay As I Fly” project, with a prepaid bag. Corresponding policies are also implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, while they are promoted to the rest of the government, through the policy of zero waste in landfills (Zero Waste), which is expected to be implemented initially in the Presidential Palace”, he adds.

It also mentions that the Presidential Palace, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment and the Department of the Environment have been certified with the European EMAS eco-management and eco-audit system, which is promoted and to the rest of the Ministries and Departments.

“Because together we can do better. Our goal is a “green” government, friendly to the environment. A “green” Cyprus, without plastics, without waste, changing habits. Because the best waste is the one that was never produced”, he concludes.

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