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New York: Shocking video of a hospital shooting – One injured

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New York: Shocking video of a hospital shooting - One injured

Staff and patients at New York 's Jacob Hospital are in a state of shock following the shootings that took place in the emergency room on Tuesday afternoon.

According to testimonies and video recorded by the incident, a man in black with a hood and mask waiting at the hospital reception suddenly pulls out a gun and cold-bloodedly shoots another patient in a blue T-shirt, who was in the hospital to be treated for a previous injury. .

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The victim appears to be running around the waiting area seeking cover as the stranger shoots him, while other people are in the room, such as a woman with a child.

The suspect then runs away and for the time being escapes arrest.

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Authorities said the gunman was at the Bronx Hospital around 12:30 p.m. (local time, 19:30 Greek time) looking for a friend who was arrested and was probably hospitalized there when he had a fight in the waiting area with the victim, who seemed to know.

The suspect fired four shots at the 35-year-old victim, injuring his hand. The victim immediately received first aid and his injury does not inspire concern, according to doctors, while according to local media, the 35-year-old survived a shooting last year. After the incident, the hospital staff asked the Administration to install metal detectors at the entrance.

Source: politis.com.cy

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