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“Occupation” of the floor of the GTP by the Legal Service

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There is a great deal of unrest among the employees of the Press and Information Office, who may take dynamic measures in the coming days.

The reason, as “F” is informed, concerns the housing needs of the -neighborhood- Legal Service, which are pressing, due to imminent appointments / hiring of new lawyers. The solution proposed by the government, however, is directly opposed by the staff of the Press and Information Office, since what seems to be preferred is the concession to the Legal Service of the entire second floor of the Press and Information Office.

It is noted that the buildings of the GTP and the Legal Service are adjacent, since they are separated only by a few meters, while, in addition, the second floor of the two buildings is connected by a small overhead bridge. The decision, according to the same information of “F”, for the occupation of the second floor of the GTP by the Legal Service became known only a few days ago, provoking strong reactions among the staff of the Press and Information Office. It is noted that there were reactions in other services and departments in which the Legal Service is trying to be “housed”.

In this case, the employees of the GTP claim that the decision taken did not take into account themselves, nor the situation that arose due to the pandemic and the measures taken to stop it, which dictate the need to keep the necessary distances. They even claim that the further reduction of the available space for the staff of the GTP will cause overcrowding, transferring the problem of housing and space of the Legal Service to their own department.

Reporting staff also reportedly see the “occupation” of a third of their building as another move that undermines the prestige of their service.

According to our information, part of the second floor of the GTP has been used for a few months now by the Legal Service, which is facing a housing problem over time and it was decided – by its leaders – to request the entire floor, in order to house all 24 lawyers requested through the purchase of services for asylum seekers and foreigners. The satisfaction of the request of the Legal Service provoked, as mentioned, the reaction of the staff of the Press and Information Office, since the regulations affect around 30 employees of the service, whose offices are located on the second floor and who are called to leave within March and find “housing” in the offices of their colleagues on the first floor and on the ground floor of the GTP. In order to avoid overcrowding in the Press and Information Office, its employees seem to have received verbal assurances that teleworking in their service will be strengthened, a response which, however, did not satisfy them.

PASYDY has also been informed about the issue, while as we are informed, the branch of the employees of the GTP called on the staff, through a vote, to authorize it to take dynamic measures. The voting, in fact, will be in progress during the S / K, since the staff of the GPT works in shifts and will be completed on Monday. It is estimated that the ballot box of the employees of the ATP will authorize its representatives to take measures, since for a long time there has been turmoil and dissatisfaction in the service, due to the sidelining, as claimed, of the ATP by its political superiors.

Source: www.philenews.com

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