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PEO for a package of measures: The Government is unwilling to respond to the needs of society

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“The measures exclude large groups of the population such as the middle income strata”, reports the labor federation

Today's announcement of the measures and one-off grants confirms the “reluctance” of the Government to respond to the needs of society, says PEO.< /p>

According to a relevant announcement, PEO adds that if the Government has the political will to proceed with the implementation of measures, within the framework of an integrated social policy and not in “half-measures of charity” it has a way to raise funds, “by taxing the surplus profits of banks and energy companies “.

“The measures exclude large groups of the population such as the middle income strata, young low-wage couples who do not receive any social benefits, groups that have to pay the cost of accuracy and increased energy prices » he says.

The PEO also posits that the announced measures “confirm that the Government is approaching social policy with a concept of state charity”, an approach which, it says, is an indication of the Government's intentions also in terms of compensatory measures from the impending imposition of green taxation.

According to the Federation, it is necessary to adopt measures to deepen and expand the social policy, such as the improvement of the income criteria and the amount of social benefits, the increase of the EEE and the sponsorship of low pensioners, the introduction of a rent subsidy plan based on socio-economic criteria and not “one-time measures”.

He adds to the above, that the continuation of the fuel subsidy is also required “as it correctly did for electricity and the zero VAT rate in food”.

At the same time, PEO reiterates the need to fully restore the ATA and extend it for all workers as a mechanism to restore the loss of wages due to accuracy and inflation, adding that the position reiterated by the Minister of Finance “leads to the erosion of ATA”.

Source: politis.com.cy

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