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Thanos Michaelidis: The goal is to upgrade the quality of the destination

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To consolidate sustainability and environmentally responsible management of hotel businesses, the president of PASYXE refers in his written statement

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This year's festivities for World Tourism Day will be hosted by Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“The continuous maintenance and upgrading of tourist units, the improvement of the quality of the offered services of our tourist product and our environmental performance, are the primary concern of entrepreneurs in the field of hospitality, but at the same time, the expansion of large investments and green development is also needed” mentions in his written statement on the occasion of the World Tourism Day on September 27 the president of PASYXE Thanos Michaelidis. He said that, for one more year, the events for the World Tourism Day, which is known to be celebrated every year on September 27, are taking place in conditions of multiple challenges. Against the odds, the events promoted this year by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will be developed under the slogan “Tourism and Green Investments” and aim to strengthen UNWTO's strategic priorities: investment in innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation . The focus of this year's World Tourism Day celebrations is Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

He noted that the overall disruption in the tourism sector caused by COVID-19 provides an opportunity to redefine the direction of tourism investment that are one of the UNWTO's key priorities for tourism recovery and future development.

Therefore, he said, the Organization has identified investment as one of the key priorities for tourism recovery and future growth, serving as a bridge between member states, destinations, businesses and investors, culminating in the International Day Tourism in 2023, which will be a call to action for the international community, governments, development partners and private sector investors to unite around a new tourism investment strategy.

He underlined that World Tourism Day 2023 will highlight the vital need to invest in projects that work for people (by investing in education and skills), the planet (by investing in sustainable infrastructure and accelerating the green transformation) and well-being (by investing in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship).

He pointed out that for the Pancypriot Association of Hoteliers, the goal is to consolidate sustainability and the environmentally responsible management of hotel businesses, investing in green development. We always come to the aid of the efforts to cultivate the desired consciousness and culture for continuous quality upgrading both at the level of the hotel unit, and more generally, in the sustainability of our tourist product and hospitality, as a destination.

The Global Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 every year since 1980. The main objective of the Day is to highlight the social, cultural, political, environmental and economic contribution of tourism internationally. This year's celebrations for World Tourism Day will be hosted by Riyadh, Saudi Arabia .

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