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Thursday, December 7, 2023

The CSE recorded the first weekly gains in September

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The FTSE/CySE 20 Index closed at 80.13 points, up 0.38%. The value of the transactions amounted to €218,873

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The first weekly gains in September, which amounted to 0.7%, were recorded by the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE), with the General Index closing on Friday at 132.19 points, marking an increase of 0.46%.

The FTSE/CySE 20 Index closed at 80.13 points, up 0.38%. The value of the transactions amounted to €218,873.

As regards the individual stock market indices, an increase was recorded by Hotels by 4.47%, the Main Market by 0.41% and the Alternative Up 0.31%. Investments closed unchanged.

The biggest investment interest was attracted by the shares of Bank of Cyprus with €166,262 (closing price €3.05 – increase of 1.67%), Vassilikos Cement Company with €11,339 (closing price of €3.16 – increase of 1.94%), of Dimitra Investments with €10,667 (closing price €0.68 – no change), Pandora Investments with €8,237 (closing price €0.078 – down 1.90%) and Hellenic Bank with €7,560 (closing price €2.25 – unchanged).

Of the stocks traded, 5 moved up, 6 down and 5 remained unchanged. The number of transactions reached 117.

Besides, the Stock Exchange announced that, after receiving the approval of the Capital Market Commission, it will proceed with the deletion of the securities of the company Ch. Charilaou Group Plc (Regulated Market), in accordance with the authority granted to it by Article 178(1) of the Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange Law, in view of the fact that the conditions for the smooth operation of the stock market on the company's securities have disappeared and no its significant ongoing obligations are met, as a result of which the interests of investors are put at risk.

In particular, the CSE reports that with regard to the company Ch. Charilaou Group Plc has not complied with its obligation to submit and publish the financial results concerning the annual Financial Report for the year ended 31/12/2021, its half-yearly Financial Report for the period ended 30/6/2022 and the annual Financial Report for the year ended 12/31/2022.

It states that the delisting of the company's shares from the Stock Exchange will be effective from October 2, 2023 and adds that the company's securities will remain suspended until they are delisted.

It also states that on the same date, the company's securities will also be deleted from the Central Depository and Central Securities Register.

Also, the CSE announced the following changes in the compositions of the CSE Indices.

In particular, it states that the shares of Toriase Public Company Ltd are removed from the composition of the NEW CSE Index and the CSE Financial Sector Index and adds that these decisions were made based on Rule 4.1 of the Basic Rules for the Management and Calculation of Indices which refers to the case of suspension of a share participating in an Index.

Notes that these changes will take effect from Monday, September 25, 2023 .

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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