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The idea and the step above…

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 Η ιδεα και το βor&mu ;απαραπàνω… 

Based on the Cypriot footballers, Omonia 29M achieved its highest goal this season by securing promotion to the first division. In fact, she was one breath away from winning the championship in the second round, but in the most crucial game against Omonoia Aradippou she did not show her good face and was justly defeated in the GSP.

The management of the greens informed that Nedim Tutic will not continue in the new season with the team. The selection of the new coach is therefore the next step for the team.

The idea of ​​the Cypriots for Omonia 29M will be followed again this year. Certainly not as much as in previous years in the second division… At this point let's say that last season Omonia 29M acquired Mehaseb who left in the middle of the season to be replaced by >Butnik and Fabinho. The team moved up to the first division, being consistently in the first positions of the standings with two foreigners on its roster. At the same time, for example, as the Olympic with 14 he didn't make it.

  • 14 foreigners were compensated and left Olympiakos! (Efforts for Pabo)

So it is expected to maintain a core of Cypriot footballers of the existing roster but also with others coming as a transfer, free or with loans. From there on, moves will be made for foreigners as well, which will certainly have to be particularly careful. On the one hand, so that the union is not burdened financially, but also to enable those who will come to offer what they were chosen for.

In conclusion, we can say that maintaining the idea of ​​Cypriots is a goal that can easily be achieved, while on the other hand, the step above will be made with foreigners.

 Η ιδΕα και τ&omicron ; βμαπααπν… 
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