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The Ministry “prescribes” the 3rd installment

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The Ministry

The opinion of the Legal Service on the issue of granting the third installment is expected to be heard by the Council of Ministers before taking any decision on the matter. The biggest question that arises is what will happen in case of side effects in people who will receive the booster dose and what will this mean for the Republic of Cyprus since there is no relevant approval from the European Medicines Agency. Epidemiologists and the Ministry of Health seem to agree that once Coreper delays in completing its assessment, with information indicating that no announcement is expected before mid-September, the decision to start the third installment is one way, as in case the waiting continues, then the cases and hospitalizations for the vulnerable and the elderly will increase even more. At the same time that almost 75% of the adult population has completed its vaccination regimen, with members of the epidemiological team arguing that a third dose is necessary to maintain the immune wall.

Close to 80%

According to the data available to the Ministry of Health, 78.6% of the adult population was vaccinated against coronavirus at least with the first dose until August 31, while the corresponding percentage for those who completed their vaccination scheme reaches 74 , 2%. 36.4% of 16 and 17 year olds received at least the first dose and 29% completed the vaccination. In relation to the age group, the vaccination coverage remains low, with the percentage of adolescents who have received at least one vaccine dose reaching 18.2% by force. In the age group of 12-15 years, at least 18.2% were vaccinated with the first dose and 5.8% completed their vaccination regimen. In terms of vaccination coverage by province, Paphos remains first with 89.6% of its population having received at least the first dose. It is followed by the provinces of Famagusta and Nicosia with 87.3% and 78% respectively and the province of Limassol with 77.1%. In the last place is the province of Larnaca, where the vaccination coverage, at least with the 1st dose, is at 72.7%. Regarding the centers of free attendance all over Cyprus, 33,064 vaccinations were carried out in August, while a total of 43,690 vaccinations were carried out in walk-ins in all cities from 15 July to 31 August.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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