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The upgrade of GN Pafos is progressing, reports OKYpY

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The upgrade of the Pafos General Hospital is progressing, with the expansion of the TAPE, the creation of disinfection areas, a new Hemodialysis unit, a floor for the mother and the child and more.

As the State Health Services Organization (OKypy ), for better and more comfortable patient service, there will be an extension of the  of the existing space of the Accident and Emergency Department – TAEP (First Aid) located on the ground floor of the Hospital to  meets the growing needs.

In addition, the announcement adds, there will be a special area for the disinfection of patients from accidents in sewage and chemical facilities, which will consist of the appropriate materials and the necessary facilities for this specific use.

Furthermore, the creation of a special floor for the mother and child, expected to be completed in June 2024.

As stated, providing optimal care to mother and child  is always in the priorities of the Organization and with this in mind, the 4th floor of the Hospital is being restructured, which houses the gynecological ward, the gynecological outpatient clinics, the pregnant clinic and the pediatric ward, also to add beds and sanitary areas.

Regarding the renovation of day and short hospitalization, it is expected to be completed in June 2024.

The area where Day Hospitalization is provided as well as the Short Hospitalization area will be upgraded. Part of the said upgrade will be, it is noted, in addition to the expansion of the existing spaces, the provision of proper bioclimatic planning to provide satisfactory ventilation and air conditioning with reduced energy consumption.

Additionally, it is noted that the creation of a new Hemodialysis unit is expected to be completed in March 2023.

A state-of-the-art chronic hemodialysis unit is under construction at the Hospital, with modern facilities, equipment and specialized medical and paramedical staff and will provide patients with chronic renal failure with high-quality comprehensive medical care.

Also the installation of a new system ventilation is expected to be completed in February 2023.

The Organization is moving forward with the installation of 6 new central air conditioning units with 100% supply of conditioned fresh air & extraction of the return air without a mixing box, with absolute HEPA filters.

It is also pointed out that with the installation of the new 6 units, autonomy will be achieved in the air conditioning and ventilation system in the following departments, such as Orthopedics, Pathology, Pediatrics, Endoscopies, Part of the Department of Mental Health Services,  Intensive Care Unit.

At the same time, it is added, the Organization is rolling out visible improvement actions at the operational level to improve the patient experience as’ throughout his experience with the Hospital, providing health services to all citizens, without discrimination.

«Finding solutions to the issues that concern the Hospitals and upgrading the health services provided is a priority for the “An organization that works with all its might to provide substantial and immediate results,” it is noted. in its continuous progress, with the sole aim of providing the best care to patients», concludes the announcement.

Source: KYPE 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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