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They have kept the keys to their house in Varosi for almost half a century. “The hope of return is lost”

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Κρατοyν τα κ λειδιτου σπιτιοy τους στο Βα&rho σι σχεδoν μισo αιoνα «Χaθηκε η ελπ δα επιστροφorς»

They left Famagusta temporarily… and are still waiting. Half a century later they keep the keys to their home – The hope of return has been lost over time but the memories are alive forever – Andreas Papanikolaou, 12 years old at the time, recounts what he experienced in August 1974 during the 2nd invasion of the Turks

By Michaela Kulle

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In those dark days of 1974when Attila invaded Cyprus and brought havoc and destruction, a status quo that exists to this day with the illegal Turkish occupation of our lands, the Ammochotian recalls speaking to the Cyprus Times > Andreas Papanikolaou.

Mr. Andreas, 12 years old at the time, left his childhood dreams well guarded in their home in Famagusta. Together with his parents and siblings, they left aron-aron in the second invasion to escape the fury of the conquerors.

We left with the clothes we were wearing > to save… only the house keys my mother took from us, we locked the door and left, because we were going back. This is how we thought, that in a few days we will return to our beloved city, to our home, says Mr. Andreas excitedly.

The keys to their house in the enclosed city of Famagusta are kept well guarded by Mrs. Kassandra Papanikolaou is 82 years old today. Nearly half a century later she began to lose faith in returning, but the keys were there, with a note. “Keys of Varosi”.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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